SBAWP | Chapter 13

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"You're P-Alpha Patton's guard." Great, here I go with the Palpha again.

"Patton's guard? That's what you think?" The guy starts to laugh. "Can you believe her?" His friends join in and and even the two wolves circling us shake their heads in silent laughter.

"You're stupider than I thought," the youngest member of their group, who looks about thirteen or fourteen-and also seems kind of familiar, come to think of it-says. He's wearing dirty, baggy clothes, but looks less homeless and more gangster, probably because of all the chains. There's a bulky one around his neck and at least ten more hanging from the waistband of his jeans. The kid's so skinny though, that I'm surprised they don't weight him down and topple him over.

"You watch it." POWs guard-who's apparently not actually POW's guard-slaps the the back of the kid's head and turns to the homeless guy. "And you, watch your brother, or he just might end up dead."

"Yes, Beta," both brothers reply in unison, heads bowed.

I frown. Are they Rogues or aren't they? Because Rogues doesn't have leaders, and they definitely don't have Betas. If they're pack... I stare at them for another second, and then something clicks and I realize I do know these guys. Not Beta, but the two brothers. The only reason I didn't recognize them sooner is that the kid's grown at least a foot and his brother has lost a ton of weight since I've last seen them. That was about a year ago, back in Oakburg, when I'd caught the two of them breaking into our house. I'd seen the kid first, and he'd looked so much younger then-so much more innocent. I hadn't wanted to fight him, but I'd had no choice. Luckily, something spooked him and his brother before any of us got seriously hurt, and they'd run off. It's so weird that they're here, in Mapleton.

"Who are you?" Zara demands. She tries to sound tough, but she looks terrified. Her gaze keeps drifting between the Brothers, Beta, and the two wolves circling us. "What do you want?"

"We're the ones who get to ask all the questions." Beta growls.

I wait for him, or one of the brothers, ask something, but the seconds tick away in silence. I consider saying something, but it's probably not a good idea. I have a lot of experience with Rogues, so I know what works and what doesn't. Mouthing off isn't a good idea, but then neither is cowering, the way I did with POW. That sort of thing only works on angry, pissed off Wolves, not desperate Wolves. Last thing I want is for them to think we're an easy target.

It's bad enough that we've got three terrified kids huddled behind us, and that Zara and Jess aren't helping. Zara looks like she's going to be sick, her expressive face giving everything away. Jess is pretty nervous, too, but for her it's more that she's fidgeting and her eyes keep darting back and forth between the Rogues. I want to believe they're acting to try and lull our attackers into a false sense of security, but I'm pretty sure they're actually terrified.

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