SBAWP | Chapter 34

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"Start from when you were walking home," I suggest. "Saf, Zara and Jess picked you up from school..."

"Yup," Nicki replies, popping the 'p'.

"And Kaitlin," Joshie chimes in.

"Kaitlin?" Father frowns. "What was—"

"She wasn't there," I interrupt. She couldn't have been.

"Yeah, she was." Nicki nods vigorously. "I saw her."

"Me too," Nisha adds.

"Well, she couldn't have been there," I snap. I can't believe they're making up stories now, when we need to find those rogues and rescue Jess.

"She was there," Nicki shouts. Nisha and Joshie nod.

"Kaitlin was still at school," I say patiently, trying not to raise my voice. I have to force myself to take a deep breath before I do something I'll regret. "I saw her as we ran out of the gym."

"And her scent wasn't anywhere near that clearing," Father adds. "If it was, the Trackers would have said so."

"That's because she left." Joshie sits up straighter.

"She left?" I raise an eyebrow. Maybe talking to the kids is a waste of time. I should just go back to the infirmary to sit with Saf, wait for her to wake up.

"When did Kaitlin leave?" Father asks, sounding equally annoyed.

"I dono," Joshie mumbles, looking away.

"Did she walk home with you or not?" he demands.

"She did." Nicki moves closer to Joshie, and her knee hits his leg.

"Ow," Joshie complains.

"So Kaitlin walked home with you guys," Father presses, "and then she left?"

The kids nod. I clench my hands into fists, losing patience, fast.

"She had a test," Nicki adds.

"Yeah," Nisha chimes in, "a math test."

Father frowns, and we exchange a look.

"Didn't she say something about Math? Remember?" I ask him. Maybe the kids aren't making stuff up, and we're actually getting somewhere.

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