SBAWP | Chapter 35

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Here's the update I promised! Took a bit longer than expected, but I got stuck on this chapter and I spent like half the day on Netflix. Anyone else totally addicted to On My Block (I'm wrecked)? And I started 13 Reasons Why (which I'd been avoiding way too long). OMG you guys! 

Anyways, chapter... 

Dedicated to darblegook who found an oddly effective way of getting me to update! 



Wake up child, a woman whispers softly.

My eyes slowly drift open and I look up at the wolf leaning over me. Her ephemeral, otherworldly beauty stuns me. Her coat is a shimmering mix of color, her fur a variety of shades of golden red, white, black, and gray, all competing for space. It's as if someone took all the wolf coats I've ever seen, collected samples, and blended them together.

The wolf stares down at me and when I look at her face, I do a double-take. Her eyes the exact same color as a saffron flower. Light and darker purples swirl in their depths, creating a replica of Mom's painting. If I look hard enough, I can even see gold flecks in their depths.

Who are you? I breathe. I'm in wolf form, so I don't speak aloud, yet I can hear my voice as clearly as if I had. It feels oddly familiar, but also foreign and unnatural. It takes a second, and then I realize that this is linking—the thing Logan's been trying to teach me to do.

I'm Luna, child. But your kinds has many of those, doesn't it? the Wolf replies in a sing-song voice. Her mouth doesn't move, but I can still hear her words dancing in the wind. It reminds me of something... her voice, her words... her.

Luna? I repeat.

Oh yes, but you... you would know me as the Moon Goddess.

The Moon Goddess? I gasp. Am I dead?

I must be. Even in my wildest imagination, never could I have conjured up a multicolored goddess with saffron eyes. Only I don't feel dead... not that I actually know what dead feels like.

You are not dead, the Moon Goddess denies with a quick shake of her head, then adds, and yet you are not alive. I try to puzzle over her words, but then she nudges me gently with her muzzle. Listen.

Dozens of sounds assail me, coming in from everywhere at once. I feel like I'm trapped in the middle of a whirlwind, but one that's faint and diluted, almost like I'm underwater.

The sounds register one at a time. First, there's the ringing: a shrill alarm, like in a school fire drill, only nowhere near as painful on my eardrums. Then, a loud buzzing followed by a thump that makes my heart jolt in my chest. Finally, there are the voices: a guy chanting, his words muffled and unclear; then woman yelling the word breathe over and over again; and finally a familiar voice that makes my heart race. Logan, shouting my name.

Logan? I shout back, heart racing.

He's not here, Saffron. The Moon Goddess tilts her head to the side, and the sounds fade away.

Where is he? I ask. He sounded so upset just now. I want to be there—to comfort him, make sure he's okay.

You can see him soon, if you'd like. The Moon Goddess doesn't quite answer my question, but I feel a sudden wave of peace and realize that there's really no rush. I can see Logan soon, if I'd like.

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