LBAWP | Chapter 11

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Sorry about the delay! Hope you haven't given up on STAWP! 

Sorry about the delay! Hope you haven't given up on STAWP! 

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"So you followed us here?" I ask Amaryllis.

Y-yes. Even though she's using the link instead of talking, her voice is so soft I can barely hear her. I wait for her to at least elaborate, but there's only silence, punctuated by her wolf's panting breaths.

"Did you at least call someone?" Jess finally asks. "Please tell me you grabbed a phone?"

N-no. Amaryllis stutters.

"Why the Goddess not?" Jess moans.

"It's not like she knew I was going to get kidnapped," I point out when Amaryllis doesn't defend herself.

"Of course not," Jess scoffs. "I meant an emergency phone-one of the ones hidden in the forest. The ones we're trained to grab... you know, in case of an emergency?" Her voice goes up an octave.

I... Amaryllis trails off.

"You what?" Jess demands.

D-didn't have time.

"Then why didn't you go back?" Jess demands.

"That's not helping, Jess. You're the one who said that if they trackers couldn't find this place in four days, they won't be able to track me—"

"I mean after she got here," Jess shouts. "She should have gone back the moment she knew where we were."

"Jess," I snap in warning. My voice echoes through the cell and Jess starts sobbing.

I'm sorry. Amaryllis's voice quavers. I... I tried to be careful. I swear.

"I know you did," I say soothingly.

Mom will... She keeps talking, but Jess's crying drowns out the rest. It's strange, having my brain hear one thing, while my ears hear another, and somehow having them mix.

"Your mom will what?" I ask, trying to focus on the spot where I think she's sitting while I relocate to the other end of the cell. I start to drop down to the dirt floor, and then hesitate. My saffron dress. I can't believe I'm worried about it, but the thought of getting it dirty makes me cringe. Which is so shallow that I just cringe harder. I should be worrying about more important things, like getting out of here alive.

Find us... s-she'll find us. Amaryllis says a bit more loudly, probably because she thinks I'm still on the other end of the cell, while I plop myself down on the dirt floor.

"W-was your mom..." Jess sniffles, "Was she w-with you? Did she go back for help?"

N-no. But she'll find me.

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