SBAWP | Chapter 17

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Hey Guys,

Here's chapter 37, and we're switching POVs to LOGAN!!! 

I really wish Wattpad would keep the italics I use for when they talk on the link, but when I paste in the chapter, the italics just disappear! Today I added them manually, but it took so long I probably won't do that for future chapters. Someone please bug Wattpad for me and ask them to add "Werewolf Text Formatting Support"? :P 

There is a brief mention of basketball at the start of this chapter, but I know nothing about basketball. I managed to replace the ice with a court and the puck with a ball, but after that I sort of got stuck. Can you let me know if I got any game vocab wrong? ♥ 

Also, the word dribble sounds funny. 

This chapter is dedicated to Yellowcavalir. Sorry for making you wait! 



I dribble the ball across the court and pass it Gray. Jasper intercepts and takes a jump shot, evening out the score.

"Nice shot," I shout, even though we're technically not on the same side. We have a big game coming up next week, and Coach Sanchez split us up into evenly matched teams for practice. For us Wolves, it's as much of a challenge to not use our superior speed and strength as it is to play well. It makes the games fun, which is why so many of us are on the team.

The game resumes, and a few minutes in, Jasper manages to steal the ball again. He has a clear shot at the net, and I wait for him to take it, but he drops the ball. I don't mean he screws up or drops it by accident. Jasper literally freezes in place, lets go of the ball, and watches it as it bounces away.

Zara! He shouts her name over the link.

Jasper? I freeze on my way to retrieve the ball. What's going on?

One of the humans on the team, who obviously can't link, takes the ball and dribbles toward the net. None of the Wolves try to stop him, and when he scores a point, a few humans cheer, while everyone else stops in confusion.

Zara, Jasper cries again, his voice raw, hoarse. It's a cry of pain, of longing, of heartbreak.

What is it, Jas, I ask.

She's dying. He wraps his arms around his waist, almost doubling over with the pain.

What? Where is she? I cry, breaking whatever spell has Jasper rooted in place, and he runs for the door leading outside.

"Where do you think you're going?" Coach Sanchez shouts after him.

Jasper ignores him, while the rest of us link and quickly try to come up with an excuse. We don't want our human coach or teammates to get suspicious. He has homework. He needs to take a dump. He's going to hurl. The suggestions keep coming. We're so used to doing this whenever a Wolf kid does something weird that it only takes us a few seconds to settle on a good one.

"Jasper was supposed to pick up his little brother," I yell to Coach Sanchez as I break into a run after my Beta. "His mom's going to kill him."

"And you, Patton?"

"He's my ride," I call over my shoulder.

"You're all a bunch of maggots," Coach Sanchez barks, but his heart clearly isn't in it. Jasper and I are his two best players, and we've been training really hard this year. We haven't missed a single practice, or left early, and he knows it. "Dismissed."

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