LBAWP | Chapter 14

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[2018.08.17] I've updated the chapter numbers for the entire book. The next update will be LBAWP | Chapter 15 ... and so on. So yeah... we're in Loved by a Wolf Pack now. I didn't realize it until now--but book 2 finished after Saf woke up! I don't know how this happened again... 

Now, are you as excited for the next update as I am?!?!  

"I want the entire pack here to witness this," Daniel shouts, his voice echoing across the clearing

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"I want the entire pack here to witness this," Daniel shouts, his voice echoing across the clearing. "I will not have them questioning my rights to be Alpha."

"You have don't have any rights," I shout back. "I'm the future Alpha."

"Once I've beaten your Father, you'll have your turn." Daniel chuckles. "Not that you stand a chance, Pup."

"How dare you?" I try to push past Beta, but he and Mother form a tight barrier, not letting me through.

"I'm not the one hiding behind his mommy, am I?" Daniel taunts.

My anger spikes. With a cry of outrage, I ram into Beta, shoving him aside. I manage to get within reach of Daniel—barely—when Father wraps one strong arm around my waist and yanks me back.

"Let me at him," I cry, trying to break free. Daniel starts to laugh at my struggles, only enraging me further, and I see red.

"Cease this at once." The Luna's shrill voice cuts through my anger and makes me freeze in my place. "You are behaving like children."

"Sorry, Luna," I quickly respond, and a split second later, Daniel echoes my words.

Just then, a gust of wind blows through the clearing. I catch a whiff of Daniel's scent, and instantly forget all about the Luna's order.

"I'm going to kill you," I scream, trying to pry Father's arm off of me.

"I said stop!" The Luna gasps in outrage.

"Logan, no," Father shouts. There's panic in his words—fear that I've disobeyed the Luna—but I'm too far gone to process it.

Logan Patton, you stop this at once, Mother issues the order. Her voice is laced with authority, and makes me freeze, but it doesn't stop the words from spilling.

"He was there. During the Rogue attack!" I cry, pointing at Daniel's smirking face. "His scent was all over the scene. All over Saf."

"What?" Father gasps, letting go of me in his shock.

I take full advantage. The moment I'm free, I lunge at Daniel, but Father manages to recapture me before I can land my first blow. Two scents hit me, and I focus on the other one, the one belonging to Saf's father. He's backing away, probably about to make a run for it, but I don't recognize his scent, so I let him go. I don't care about him—it's Daniel I want—and revenge.

Daniel's scent hits me again, making me flash back to Saf's bleeding, battered body—to Jasper kneeling over Zara, tears streaming down his face.

"You bastard."

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