STAWP | Chapter 36

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"You're sure I can learn to read minds?" I demand as I follow Logan to his car. I look across the street for POW's guard, and immediately spot him. He's got his window down, and the moment our eyes meet—which is an assumption on my part, since he's wearing dark, reflective sunglasses—he starts the car and pulls away from the curb.

"None of us can read minds." Logan says beside me. "Well, except vampires."

"Vampires?" I stop in my tracks and gape at him, completely forgetting about the guard.

"I was kidding." Logan grins. "You're so gullible."

"Am not," I argue, unwilling to admit I just considered the existence of vampires, even if it was only for a split second. Instead, I give his shoulder a hard shove. The act is instinctive, a natural reaction to his teasing, and I belatedly realise that my behaviour is very un-Omega-like. I wait for Logan to call me out on it, but he just grins and nudges me back. He does it playfully, but with enough force to make me lose my footing.

"Hey!" I gasp, nudging him back with equal force.

"Sure you want to play this game, Sofie?" Logan's smile turns into a smirk, and then an evil grin. Before I have time to react, he grabs me around the waist and starts tickling me. I laugh and try to push his hands away. When that doesn't work, I switch tactics and link my fingers through Logan's to try and keep his arms at bay. I think I've won for a split second, until Logan manages to break free and pull our fingers apart. Then he lunges for me, going straight for my armpits, and my protests turn into shrieks of uncontrollable laughter.

"No! Stop," I cry between laughing fits, and struggle to break free. Logan lets go of me for a second and I start to run. Since we're already halfway across the parking lot, I cover the remaining distance to his car in a matter of seconds. I almost lose one of my new flats on the way, but I manage to keep it on at the last second.

When I reach the car without getting caught, I run around it, trying to keep the vehicle between us for protection. I stop when I reach the passenger-side, slightly out of breath, and Logan watches me from across the car. When he starts circling it counter-clockwise, I do the same, keeping pace. I make sure that distance between us remains the same as we circle. When I reach the driver-side door, Logan quickly changes direction and I do the same, speeding up to keep enough distance between us.

"You'll never catch me," I tease from across the car, keeping an eye on Logan so that the minute he changes direction, I do too.

"Oh yah?" he demands, and then fakes a left, a right, and another left.

We run around the car a few more times, laughing and out of breath. We keep circling until the heel of my left shoe slides off and I lose valuable seconds trying to keep it on. Stupid flats!

"Gotcha!" Logan laughs, circling his arms around my waist from behind. I shriek and try to break free, but Logan doesn't tickle me this time. Instead, he holds me in a tight hug and I relax against him. When he lets go, I turn around to face him and smile up at him. I don't even have time to react when Logan suddenly pushes me against the passenger-side door. Before I have time to process what's happening, Logan presses his lips firmly against mine.

"Oh," I gasp, still breathing heavily from the chase. Instinctively, I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him back.

"Mine," Logan whispers against my lips, his right arm moving around my waist. The kiss becomes a mix of breathless and sweet and I drown in it. I wish it could go on forever, but a pointed cough interrupts us.

"May I ask what's going on here?" a stern, male voice demands.

"Hello, Principal Walters," Logan replies, calmly pulling away from me.

It takes me a few seconds to focus, and then I turn to look at the man currently glaring at us. He's a few inches taller than Logan, cleanly shaven, and smartly dressed. His grey suit is new-looking and wrinkle-free, paired with a blue collared shirt and striped navy tie.

He definitely looks like a principal, angry and imposing. I can't believe he just caught Logan and me making out! I look down at the floor in mortification. Even worse, he caught us skipping class. I can't believe Logan convinced me to do it. We'll probably be in so much trouble!

Neither Logan nor Principal Walters says anything for some time. When I finally sneak a peek at the principal, I catch a whiff of his scent and realize that he's a wolf. It takes me a few seconds before I put the pieces together. Neither is saying anything, but several expressions flitter across their faces before the principal's frown is replaced by a more neutral expression. Which means that they must be having one of those silent conversations.

"Very well, go on," Principal Walters tells us, nodding at Logan and walking away. After he takes a few steps, he stops in his tracks and turns around. "It was nice meeting you, Saffron."

"You too, sir," I respond automatically, still dazed from the confusing and extremely embarrassing encounter. The principal nods, turns away and walks back towards the school.

If I wasn't convinced that wolves could read each other's minds, I definitely am now. No way would the school principal be in on a prank, and anyway, Logan and Zara could never have staged what happened at the nurse's office. It finally starts to sink in that this is real. All this time, something like this was possible, and I didn't know about it! 

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