LBAWP | Chapter 15

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"The challenge will commence at sunset," the Wolfsbane Luna states. She then whispers something in the background, presumably to someone else in the room. "I'll have Jayne set up a video call."

"Yes, grandmother," the young girl replies in the background, her voice faint but clear.

"As you wish." Father gestures toward the house. "Silver, follow me."

"You think I'm stupid? I'm not setting foot on your land." Daniel spits, rolling his eyes. "We will fight right here."

"You will not." A vein on Father's forehead starts to pulse. It reminds me of the way Saf blushed when she called him the Pissed Off Wolf, and I feel a wave of anger and pain.

I want to punch Daniel in his ugly smirking face, but now that I've calmed down enough to think clearly, I know it's not an option. Openly defying the Wolfsbane Luna isn't the equivalent of having a death wish... it's way, way worse. It would doom our entire pack and everyone I love: my parents, my friends, and Saf. I can't do that, so instead, I start to edge backwards, into the cover of trees.

"We will fight on pack land," Father's shout masks my steps, "not here where any human could just pass by."

"With all due respect, Luna," Daniel shouts back, "this sounds like a trap, "the challenge should take place on neutral ground."

"Neutral ground?" the Luna snaps. "What do you think this is? The Great Werewolf War? Patton, give him safe passage."

"I give you my word," Father spits. "As Alpha, I vow that no harm will come to you, Daniel Silver, on pack land. At least, not until the challenge. Then, I will cause so much harm you'll wish you never started this."

"I'll destroy you, Patton," Daniel snaps back. "I will—"

W-what about me? Mr. Thompson suddenly squeaks. He's trembling with fear, trying to hide behind Daniel's lanky frame, and doing a poor job of it.

"What about you, Tompson?" Father snaps. "You can stay out here for all I care."

S-she's my daughter.

"Then come watch. I'll grant you passage, too."

T-thank you. He bows his head.

"Let's go." Father turns to me. I've managed to get a good distance away from everyone, but I instantly freeze. Father doesn't seem to notice. "Logan, go to my office at once. Grab my my tablet and set up that video call with Jayne."

"What about Saffron?" I cry. "I can't just—"

"Do what I tell you." He gestures for me to get moving.


"I said now," Father snaps. "We'll have plenty of time to look for her after I win this challenge."

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