STAWP | Chapter 55

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Jasper thinks what I said over for a minute and then lets his breath out in a whoosh. All the tension leaves his body and he grins. "Thanks, man. I owe you one."

I watch as he runs out of the room, and shake my head. I really hope he knows what he's doing. I wait a few minutes, giving him a head start, and then climb out of bed to follow. Saffron won't stay in Zara's room, not with Jasper in there, so my guess is she'll be taking a shower.

I check my phone. Seven minutes past twelve. I head down to the second floor and quietly head down the hall to the bathroom. I don't see a sliver of light from beneath the door and there is no sound of running water. I take a sniff first, just to be sure, but I don't pick up my mate's scent. She's not here. I open the bathroom door and peek into the darkness, but just like I thought. There's no one here.

Where would Saffron go if she didn't plan to shower? It takes me a few seconds and then it hits me. The kitchen! Saffron, Jess, and Zara all skipped dinner—probably talking it out or crying or whatever it is girls do—so maybe Saffron went down to find a midnight snack. I did tell her she could go to the kitchen at any time.

My stomach growls as I head back down the hall. I was too busy keeping an eye on the door—waiting for Saffron to come down—to eat much of my dinner. I wouldn't say no to some food now, followed by a hot make-out session with my mate on the kitchen barstool. Then I should probably try to teach her to link again, or maybe I should start with linking, since we don't have much time.

The whole linking thing has been driving me nuts since Jess dragged Saffron away this afternoon. Yeah, I was worried about Jess freaking out too, but at least that makes sense. I promised Jess I wouldn't hook up with any girls until I met my mate. I only did it so she'd leave me alone and stop begging me to get back together, but it was still a promise. I wish I could have told her the truth—that Saffron is my mate—to get her to stop freaking out... but until Saffron's ready to be Luna, I can't tell anyone. Which means there really isn't anything I can do about Jess being upset. At least anything more than ask Zara to intervene if Jess freaks out again.

Which brings me to a more important problem. How do I teach my mate pack history and linking, then turn her into a Luna, and all before Father and the rest of the pack catch on?

I don't know the answer. Even my own parents don't know the answer, and they're only worried about the Luna bit. The only person who might know is the Wolfsbane Luna, and I can't even ask her. If I do, she'll tell Father, the current pack Alpha, and I can kiss my future goodbye.

My only choice is to contact the Luna in a way that doesn't get traced back to me. What if I block my number and make an anonymous call? Would she recognize my voice? Probably. Even if she doesn't, I'm sure she'll figure it out somehow. She's the Wolfsbane Luna!

What I need to do is get another wolf to make the call, and I have the perfect person in mind. I scroll through my contacts until I find Ryan. He's the Silvertooth Alpha, and only a few months younger than me. He and his Beta, Jake, spend summers here, and I know I can trust them.

Jasper and I are only a year older than Ryan and Jake, so our parents have had the four of us train and study together for years. Ryan is the one who always convinces us to take a break, usually by doing something we really shouldn't do. When we were little, it was going for runs or playing instead of training, but lately he'd want to drive down to the lake and make out with different girls. Last summer, I was dating Jess, so I'd always bring her, and Jasper would bring Zara, but Ryan never saw the same girl twice. He also seemed to know where all the parties were happening, so he'd sneak out almost every night. I've covered for him more times than I can count, so he definitely owes me one—or one hundred. If there is any wolf who'd call the Luna for me, it's him.

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