SBAWP | Chapter 5

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When Saffron and I get to Joe's pizza, the place is packed. It took me forever to find her, so of course we're the last ones here. I thought she'd be by her Chemistry classroom, waiting for me, but when I got there, she was already gone. Then I waited by her locker for what seemed like forever, and when she didn't show up, I finally went to check the cafeteria. Good thing too, since I caught her talking to the pack Omega.

"Why were you sitting with that girl?" I demand.

I don't like Saffron hanging out with that girl. There's just something so off about her, and not just her name. Amaryllis. The teachers call her Rylie, and I say teachers because no one else ever talks to her, but it's not like they don't try. We all have, at one point or another, but she always ignores us.

"She seemed nice," Saffron says.

"She's not." She doesn't even live at the pack house, like the rest of us. She moved in as a kid, after she first shifted, but she hated us. My friends all tried to hang out with her and help her fit in, but eventually gave up. Father did too, after the dozenth time she ran away. He just let her go home and live with her mom, which was probably the best thing for all of us.

Amaryllis still ignores everyone now that we're older. I've tried to talk to her before, if we've ended up at the same lab table and the one year we had adjacent lockers, but she's just not interested in making friends. At least not with anyone except Saffron.

"You can't trust her," I tell my mate.

"Why?" Saffron asks in surprise.

"Because." Because I can't stand the thought of my mate hanging out with another Omega. Because I'm worried that hanging out with Amaryllis will make her even more of an Omega than she already is. Because I'm terrified that she was drawn to the Omega because like attracts like—because it's what she is and she won't be ever change. "Promise you won't talk to her again?"

"Um, okay, sure."

"Good." I lead the way to the booth Zara and Jasper have occupied and gesture for Saffron to slide in first. While she does, I stare at her backside in those tight, sexy black jeans. I've been doing it since she came downstairs this morning. I've held doors for her, slowed down so she could get ahead of me, and watched her get in and out of my car just so I could enjoy the view. When she wiggles into the booth, I have to hurry up and slide in after her before anyone notices how much she turns me on.

Jasper and Zara don't notice anything, not even the fact that we're in the booth with them. Their skin is flushed, and they're way too busy staring at each other like starving wolves would look at a piece of meat. They're almost drooling.

Jasper gives Zara a heated look and she returns it tenfold. At the rate they're going, they'll probably end up doing it in a bathroom stall. Jasper leans close to Zara and sticks his tongue in her mouth. The scene continues to play out in front of us for several seconds before I decide they won't even make it that far. They'll probably just start doing it right here in the booth.

I cough pointedly to get their attention, but they continue making out as though Saffron, I, and the rest of the people at Joe's Pizza don't exist. I glance at my mate, and she blushes and shifts in her seat uncomfortably. She stares down at the table, then at the counter, and finally around the room. Anywhere but at our friends or at me.

I glance around too and notice that practically everyone is staring at Zasper. An older wolf couple shares a knowing look over pizza and keeps glancing our way. A few guys from the team do too, but the humans are mostly snickering about the sudden PDA, while the wolves look slightly confused.

Are they really mates? Gray, our forward, asks over the link. Zara and Jasper should technically be able to hear him, but neither of them seems to notice.

Father should really have told the pack something this morning at breakfast, but all he said was that Jasper wasn't coming down, and left everyone guessing. Apparently he thought leaving it up to Jasper to inform everyone was some grand punishment for sneaking around with Zara.

All it's done so far was annoy me, since Zasper haven't even noticed. They skipped breakfast, while I got to listen to everyone whisper about why they thought Japser's birthday was canceled. At first, a bunch of Wolves agreed Jasper was just sick, but then Kaitlin started a list of all the girls missing at breakfast: Zara, Jess, the Omega, and a few others. Other that, someone—I'm not sure who—suggested Jasper's mate might be a guy who he ran into at breakfast, and they started adding a bunch of guys to the list too. Kaitlin even suggested I might be Jasper's mate, but one look from me shut her up.

How did they find out? Gray asks.

Ask Zasper, I tell him, gesturing at the pair that's still fused at the lips. Zasper is the perfect name for them. They're absolutely ex-Zasper-ating.

Oh, come on, Gray complains.

"Jasper!" I snap. Seriously, there is no excuse for his behavior. I just found my mate too—not that he or Zara knows it—and I somehow manage not to maul her in the middle of Joe's pizza.

Okay, I get it. Jasper's been sleeping with Zara for years, and now that they're mates, everything feels a thousand times better. It's no wonder he can't stop, especially now that he's free to be with her. I just wish he could keep it together until they got to their room.

"What?" Jasper asks, reluctantly pulling away from Zara. He smiles sheepishly when he realizes Saf, me, and practically every customer at Joe's Pizza is staring at him. Zara looks around too and starts to blush. Then, her eyes meet Jasper's, and I know it's hopeless.

If I thought Saf wanted to do it with me right here right now, I'd probably be just as bad, maybe worse. I'm constantly aware of how close to me she's sitting, so our legs almost touch. Every time she inhales, her chest rises slightly, and I struggle to keep my eyes off her breasts. Her tight black shirt doesn't make it easy. It barely shows any cleavage, but it shapes everything in a way that sets my blood on fire.

"Here." I reach into my pocket and toss my car keys on the table. "Why don't you two go for a ride."

Jasper grins, grabs the keys and slides out of the booth. Zara giggles and follows like a wolf in heat... which she is, pretty much. For a second, I feel a spike of jealousy—it's my car and I should be the one taking my mate 'for a ride.' There's this perfect, secluded spot a two minute drive from school, which is probably where Jasper is taking Zara.

The two of them exit the diner and the bell above the door continues to jingle for a few seconds after they're gone. I look at my mate and catch her sneaking a peek at me. I grin, and she blushes. Then, her stomach growls, and she blushes some more. 


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