LBAWP | Chapter 10

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Will Saf and Jess escape?

Will Saf and Jess escape?

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The clang of metal echoes down the hall as Jess yanks on her cell door. I push and pull on mine too, putting all my Wolf strength behind it, but all it does is add to the noise.

Is everything alright in there? a male guard demands over the link, and I nearly jump out of my skin. I'm still not used to hearing voices in my head and it's even weirder when I can't see him. A second ago, I thought Jess and I were the only ones here, but apparently not.

I glance through the cell bars at what I can see of the empty hall to my right. Even though the link sounded inside my head, like a thought in someone else's voice, I somehow know that it came from the direction I'm looking in. I can also instinctively tell that the guard was shouting and that he's actually pretty far away.

You know she can't link, a second male guard replies. His voice is a lot quieter, which makes sense since he's talking to his colleague.

Then, two sets of footsteps echo down the hall, heading toward us. I start yanking on my cell door harder, and if the noise level is anything to go by, so does Jess.

"Is everything alright?" the first man demands when he comes into view.

It startles me that he isn't dressed like a guard, and neither is his colleague. I'd been expecting men in uniforms, armed with weapons, but what we get are just two regular guys dressed in jeans and t-shirts. If I saw them on the street, I honestly wouldn't look twice. Well, except for their scent. It's familiar, and I know exactly why—these guys were there when their leader injected me with his syringe.

"Can I get you anything?" the first man to link, a guy in his thirties, shouts over the rattling of the cell door. He's shorter and a lot stockier than his tall, skinny, companion, and his tone is friendly. Somehow, he makes it sound like I'm a house guest and he's offering me tea.

"Let me out of here," I demand, yanking on my cell door one more time.

"Yeah, let us out," Jess cries.

"I'm sorry, Saffron, but we can't do that," he tells me, looking genuinely regretful. It's kind of weird, the way he ignores Jess, and the fact that he and his lackey both stand in front of my cell, just out of her view of her.

"How do you know my name? And why did you bring us here?" I shout. Jess chooses that exact moment to stop trying to break out of her cell, and my question echoes loudly in the ensuing silence.

"Us?" the short, stocky guy asks in surprise. "Oh, do you mean blondie?"

"Her name is Jess. Shouldn't you know that, if you kidnapped her?"

"We didn't kidnap anyone. We're just doing our job."

"Some job..." I mutter.

"Please help us," Jess cries. "Our Alpha's rich. He'll pay to get us back."

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