STAWP | Chapter 57

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By the time I get to the second floor, there's no sign of Jasper. The door to Saffron and Zara's room is closed, so I can only assume he's in there. This time, I bet Saffron's actually taking that shower. I head to the bathroom, but the door is open and the room is dark. I flip on the lights and peek inside, just in case, but the only thing I find is a strawberry in the middle of the bathroom floor.

The strawberry has to be Jasper's. There's not other reason for a strawberry to be lying around in the bathroom. That's just weird. Actually, it's still weird. Like, how would it even get there? I guess Jasper could have given Saf some strawberries, and she accidentally dropped one. Only why would she be eating them in the bathroom? Was she waiting for me?

I breathe in deeply and catch a faint whiff of her scent. She was here, no doubt about it. I wonder where she could have gone now that she's finished eating strawberries in the bathroom. I pick up the lone berry that she left behind and toss it in the trash. No way am I eating anything off the bathroom floor! Then, I follow Saf's scent back out into the hall and try to track it amid those of dozens of girls. I ignore the trail leading back to Saf's room and head in the opposite direction. Her scent is definitely there, and it takes me toward the stairs.

My heart leaps with excitement. I would have ran into Saf if she'd been headed downstairs, which means she went up... and there's really only one reason she'd head up. She went looking for me!

She's probably in my room right now, waiting for me. I hope she's naked, or dressed in something sexy. Maybe she's even wearing her baggy clothes, the ones she had on when she first got here. I hope so, because sweats on Saffron are irresistible. Different images of Saf on my bed flood my brain and I rush up the stairs, taking them two at at a time. The only thing I can think of is being with my mate and I'm filled with need and anticipation as I cross the hall to my bedroom. I throw the door open, fully expecting to find Saf in some sexy pose, waiting for me. Instead, the room is dark and empty, and there isn't a trace of her scent anywhere.

I feel disproportionately hurt before logic takes over. Saffron wouldn't even know which room is mine. Is she still out in the hall then? Maybe I missed her in my rush to get to my room? I peek into the hall, looking both ways, but there's no sign of her. I search for her scent, but don't pick up anything. Did she not come here after all?

I get all the way back to the stairs before I catch her scent again, and it leads me in the opposite direction. Did Father intercept her and she's in his office now, getting lectured about skipping curfew? With a groan, I head toward his office, padding softly so he doesn't hear me in case I'm wrong. Yes, it's past midnight, but I've seen the lights on in Father's office when I've snuck home past curfew—sometimes as late as three or four in the morning.

I pass a few meeting rooms and the study hall and then come to a stop when I reach the room adjacent to Father's office. The library! Of course that's where my mate would go. Okay, yes, I'm disappointed that she chose to come here, instead of to my room, but it makes perfect sense. My heart leaps at the thought of spending time with her, and I very quietly turn the door knob. Yeah, we're allowed to be in the library, but never past curfew.

I pause for a split second, listen for any sounds from Father's office, and then softly open the library door and slip inside. This is my favourite room in the entire house. It's filled with floor to ceiling bookshelves and has comfortable couches for days when you just want to lounge around with a Pack history book. After the sun sets, the library is lit by a massive fireplace. It's obviously fake—we can't risk a real fire around so many books—but you can hardly tell. The logs crackle when they burn, and the flames dance and light the room in shadows.

Right now, the flames dance on Saf's smooth skin as she browses a shelf of books. She's wearing the cutest pyjamas: gray pants and a pink, long-sleeve shirt with music notes on the front. She runs her fingers gently along the spines of a few books as she examines them. Her face is filled with awe as she carefully picks up a brown tome with gold lettering along the spine. The Goddess Moon.

That particular book is a religious text that discusses different theories about the will and powers of the Moon Goddess. Written by William Joseph Townsend, a wolf scholar who lived over a hundred years ago, the text focuses on the mating instinct, the powers the goddess has gifted us with, and the significance of various Wolf roles within the Pack.

I read it from cover to cover a few years ago, and it gave me a lot to think about. Sometimes, it's just so easy to take the way we live for granted—all the things that make us Wolves, like shifting, mating, and superior senses—instead of asking questions or wondering why. Reading the book made me really aware of what it means to be a wolf, and all the gifts the Moon Goddess has given us.

"There's a chapter on linking," I tell Saffron, and she jumps, almost dropping the book.

"Logan," she gasps, gaping at me. Then, my words seem to register, and her eyes widen. "There is?"

"It mostly talks about the benefits and the evolutionary importance," I tell her. "But it's a good place to start."


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