SBAWP | Chapter 42

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"Your wolf is telling you to what?" Logan presses.

"Well... to, um, do... stuff?" I blush and try look anywhere but at him. I gaze at the floor, then past his right shoulder, and finally swallow hard and sneak a peek at his confused face.

"What kind of..." Logan starts to ask and I wipe my sweaty palms on my silky dress and pray to the Moon Goddess that I won't have to say it aloud. Then, Logan's face fills with realization and he exclaims, "oh, that kind of stuff!"

"Yeah." I shut my eyes in sheer mortification.

"Saf, it's fine." Logan whispers, squeezing my hand. "My wolf does too."

"He does?" I ask nervously.

"Sure." Logan grins, like it's the best news in the world, and not absolutely mortifying. "And we can do all that after the an—"

"No," I cry, pushing away from him and moving to the middle of the room. "I'm not going to do that."

"Why not?" Logan looks hurt and... shocked? Did he really think I was going to sleep with him? I barely even know him. We're not even officially dating, at least don't think we are... and even if we were, I wouldn't just sleep with him. I'm not ready to repeat the condom lesson with anyone, not even Logan. Making out with him is one thing, but how can he possibly think that...

"Wait," I blurt out, "are we talking about the same kind of stuff?" What if Logan's wolf does just want to make out, while mine keeps pushing me to do other stuff. What will Logan think when he finds out? He'll think my wolf is a total perv.

My mortification skyrockets, and I suddenly wish I could disappear. I glance at the door, then sneak a peek toward the bathroom. What if I were to lock myself in there with the demon shower and never come out? At least then I would stop embarrassing myself.

"I think so?" Logan runs nervous hand through his hair while his cheeks turn an adorable red. "I mean, stuff is stuff."

"Yeah, but stuff? Or stuff stuff?" I press and then wish the Moon Goddess would just do me a favor and kill me on the spot. I mean, why couldn't I just pretend my wolf wanted to make out too, instead of embarrassing myself like this. Why, Saffron? Why?

"Stuff stuff?" Logan repeats, still blushing. Then he shocks me by glancing at the bed suggestively. "You know..."

"I'm not going to do that," I exclaim. "We just met. I don't really know you."

The moment I say it, I realize that's not really true. Even though I've only known Logan for a short time, I know a lot about him. I know that he has the same favorite classes I do, that he loves eating pizza, and that he worked at Joe's over the summer. I know that he's funny, and fun, and kind, and caring, and sweet. I know that he's cute and that his wolf is a beautiful gray, a shade so light that it's almost white. I also know that he isn't very fast, but he's not mad about it the way Dad is.

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