SBAWP | Chapter 16

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Time stands still. From the corner of my eye, I watch Nicki's small, gray wolf fly across the field towards help—toward POW. Her coloring is a few shades lighter than I'm used to. Dad's fur and that of the Rogue brothers and the gray wolf are all the same shade. So were the coats of almost all the Rogues that ever attacked us. Nicki's though, is lighter—different.

My gaze travels across the field, searching for Zara, fully expecting her coat to be that shade too. Instead, it's light, like Nicki's. Her wolf is pretty much a bigger version of her little sister's, although nowhere near as big as her opponent's. As she fights him, the two of them blend together, making it hard to tell where one wolf ends and the other begins.

Zara's keeping him distracted, so my gaze moves to Jess and when I see her, I literally can't tear my eyes away. Jess's wolf is a beautiful golden red and her opponent forms the perfect snow-colored backdrop. I've never seen wolves like that before and I could spend a lifetime watching the play of colors in the green grass. Now, in the middle of an attack, is probably not the time.

I check up on Nisha and Joshie next. Her wolf has a jet black coat—another surprise—and she's tiny, half the size of her opponent. She's not hurt yet, thank the Goddess, and she seems to be keeping the Rogue kid occupied. Joshie's being a big help, too. He looks like his usual human self and I'm pretty impressed at how he's wielding his backpack like a weapon. He bashes the Rogue kid over the head with it, and I have to stifle a wolfy grin.

Time speeds up again, and I return my attention to Beta. In the time that I've taken to survey the field, he's managed to shift into his wolf. It's large and gray and perfectly normal—a larger version of the older brother's—the exact shade as every wolf I've ever known until today. If I ever get out of here alive, I'm going to find out why POW's pack has so many unusually colored wolves, but I really shouldn't be thinking about that now.

I focus on attacking Beta and run at him, gambling on my smaller size. I expect to land another blow, but Beta dodges my attack. It worries me that he can move so fast despite his large size and his shoulder injury, but at least he doesn't seem to notice that Nicki's gone. The older brother hasn't either, and I buy her some more time by attacking him. I even manage to get a bite out of his back, though the wound is shallow.

The older brother tries to return the favor, lunging after me, but I twist away from him and dance back to safety. There's a tree a few feet away, and I lead my opponents closer, so I can keep it at my back. As I lead them in a slow backward dance, I survey the scene around me one more time. I know I should focus on fighting, but I need to make sure my friends—my pack—are okay.

I can no longer see Nicki and none of the wolves are chasing after her. Either they're really incompetent, or they've got allies patrolling the forest—allies that have captured Nicki and have taken away our one chance of getting help. Even if they have, maybe we still stand a chance?

I turn to look Jess, a bright red beacon in the green grassy clearing. She and the white wolf are circling each other, but neither one makes a move to attack. What is she doing? I specifically said that her job was to take down the white wolf quickly and help the kids. If she keeps wasting time, the rest of us will all end up dead, and the remaining Wolves will team up and take her down.

I let out a growl and turn to check up on Zara. The good news is that she's following my orders, but the bad news is that she's going way overboard. She's fighting like a madwoman, and she's way too distracted to do a good job of it. She keeps shooting glances in the direction that Nicki went, then checking up on the kids, and finally looking at Jess. I know I'm doing the exact same thing, but at least I do it carefully between attacks. Zara's literally swinging her head around as she fights. She looks like an enraged mother wolf protecting her pups, which makes her too angry to really focus. At the rate she's going, she'll wear herself out—and get herself killed—long before help gets here. If help is even coming.

Desperately, I switch my attention to Nisha and Joshie. The Rogue kid is on top of the little Nisha, pinning her to the ground, his jaw repeatedly snapping at air near her throat. Joshie keeps bashing him on the head with his bag while Nisha moves her head this way and that, trying avoid his sharp teeth.

I'm so busy watching the terrible scene unfold that I don't see Beta's attack until it's too late. His teeth close around my leg, and blood gashes out. I shake him off and ignore my injury—which is minor compared some of the ones I've had in the past—and fight back. I try to focus, I really do, but this time it's not just my own life on the line—it's the lives of two little kids and my new friends. At the rate we're going, the Rogue kid will kill Nisha, and then little Joshie, who can't even shift. Then he'll attack me, or Zara, or Jess. Whichever one of us he goes after won't be able to hold off an extra wolf.

Plus, Zara's probably going to exhaust herself eventually and Jess's technique might work against one wolf, but it will never work against two. Me? I can barely hold off two wolves. I won't be able to handle three. The only good thing that's come from my plan is that maybe—just maybe—Nicki is safe. The rest of us? We're as good as dead.

This is all my fault! I should have come up with a better plan. I know I shouldn't be thinking about that now, but I can't help it. When older brother attacks me again, I'm distracted. I manage to fight him off, but I leave my back wide open.

Beta takes full advantage and slams into my side, sending me flying. My back and head crash into the solid tree trunk with a painful, rib-crunching thud, and then I see stars.


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