LBAWP | Chapter 18

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I'll be using the winning cover for the book for a full week to show off the artist's work, and of course there are prizes!!

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I keep my hands over my head, but bend them at the elbows slightly, bringing myself closer to a fighting stance. I've had a lot of practice in hand-to-hand combat with Dad, but this time is different. It's the first time I'm not alone—the first time I feel that my wolf is with me. Thankfully, the two of us are on the same page and the idea of mating doesn't even cross her mind. The only thing she cares about—the only thing we care about—is escape.

Robbie gestures for me to exit the cell and I try to look innocent as I step forward. I keep my arms relaxed so that he thinks it's a show of surrender and not attack. Meanwhile, my wolf stays alert and on the ready. She focuses my attention on the gun that Robbie has trained on us and makes sure I notice when he slips his keys in his back pocket. I can feel her tensing, too, as we get closer to freedom, ever aware of Robbie's raised weapon.

"It's just this way." Robbie gestures to the left with his chin.

It's clear that he wants me to go first, but the direction he's chosen is the opposite of the one that Kyle took. I didn't even think there was anything past Jess's cell, and for the first time, I wonder if this might be a trap. Is Robbie setting me up? Does he plan to shoot me and say it was self-defense? Or maybe he has some other sinister plan in mind?

I glance at him, but aside from looking a little nervous, he looks pretty innocent. He's not leering at me or anything like that, and I don't see malice in his eyes. There could really be bathrooms in that direction... or there might not be.

I glance at the gun as I exit my cell. Robbie's got the muzzle trained on my chest, so I know better than to make any sudden movements. Not yet.

My wolf stays hyper-aware, waiting for an opportunity. When Robbie lowers his gun slightly so he can close the cell door, she propels me into action. I move so fast that my lips part in shock. I wonder if Robbie's do too, but I'm too focused on the gun to pay attention.

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