STAWP | Chapter 19

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I wait until Logan shifts back and storms off towards the house before shifting and quickly getting dressed.

I've never been so happy to be back in human form. For the entire run, my wolf kept trying to come to the surface, and it got harder and harder to push her back down. She hasn't given me this much trouble since Dad first started training me, and even then I don't remember her fighting me this much.

She just kept trying to take control—to take over. I could hear her howling for him and it wasn't until Logan tried to fight me that I finally managed to shove her down to the depths of my subconscious.

I turn towards the house and realize Logan's already inside. I'm glad that glad that he stormed off and took the temptation with him. Except that I'm also not. I already miss Logan and he only left a few minute ago.

Should I make a run for it now, while I have the chance? Logan's mad that I didn't want to fight, so he's probably not going to come looking for me. Meanwhile, POW and the others think I'm with Logan. It's the perfect opportunity.

The only problem is that I'm not familiar with the area. I wouldn't know which paths to take and where the guards are patrolling the border. Plus, when we first started running, I was sure there was someone following us. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but POW could have placed guards on me.

I would also have to carry my clothes, but if there are humans in the forest, especially ones that carry hunting rifles, it could cause problems. Last thing I need are human vigilantes with weapons chasing a wolf they think is carrying the remains of its human victim.

I could still take the risk, running slowly and keeping an eye out for trouble, but there is always the possibility that this is a setup. POW could have told Logan to leave me to see if I'd run. There might be wolves lying in wait, ready to pounce if I make my move—wolves that can run much faster than Logan. The boy might be super-hot but he's even slower than Dad, who's a rogue and really out of shape!

There's no way the Alpha's son is that slow! It's probably just a trick Logan played on me to convince me that I could get away. I bet he would have sped up and captured me if I tried. Which is why it's much safer for me to wait until school tomorrow and run away then.

I walk towards the house and then trudge up the stairs to the room I share with Zara. I stand in front of the door, not really wanting to go in. Although Zara is sweet and I'm really starting to like her, I kind of don't want to be around her right now—or anyone else for that matter. Well, unless you count Logan.

The two of us were having a lot of fun until I refused to fight him. A part of me wants to run after him and beg for his forgiveness. That part is actually willing to suffer having my flesh being torn and my bones being broken just so that Logan is no longer mad at me. Which is absolutely insane and the last thing any sane person would ever do.

I knock on the door, even though it's now my room too, and when Zara doesn't answer I hesitatingly peek inside. The room is empty and my roommate's already managed to make a mess of it. Her bed is unmade and covered with stuff: her laptop, a textbook, a binder, a few sweaters and a pair of jeans. There's a pile of shoes on the floor and some makeup spread out on her desk. Hopefully, I'm not the one who has to clean it up.

I enter the room, close the door behind me, and toss my clothes onto my chair without bothering to fold them. It's not like anyone will notice my sweats and hoodie when Zara's mess is like a beacon on the other side of the room.

I don't have the energy to get my 'new' pyjamas from my closet, so I climb into bed in my underwear. All I can think about is how Logan stormed off and how he probably hates me.

I should have known not to break out of my weak submissive role during our run. I just knew that Logan would never have caught that rabbit on his own. I just wanted to catch it for him, to please him. One second, I was running behind him just like I figured an Omega wolf should and the next second my wolf was shouting run and I was zooming past Logan in pursuit of prey. I should have realized that my show of power would put him in a fighting mood.

I've had enough experience from training with Dad to know that facing a stronger wolf isn't pleasant. Even before I was old enough to shift, Dad would take me into the forest and teach me how to fight in human form. When Mom was alive, she'd come watch, and he'd be real careful with me. Back then it was self-defense training, in case I ran into a rogue or someone else who'd want to hurt me. After she died, I'd end up with bruises, and by the time I was ten, with broken bones.

Over time, the fighting has gotten more and more intense and the number of bones I've broken has multiplied by the hundred. Each time, Dad starts out by shifting and dancing around me. Then he bows his lower body, with his rear high in the air, teasing. That's my signal to choose—attack or run—and Dad either fights back or gives chase. No matter which option I choose, it still ends with a fight—running's pretty much just stalling—and the fight lasts until I can no longer move and am begging for mercy. In a real fight, Dad reminds me over and over again, you would be dead. 

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