STAWP | Quick Recap

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[Imagine this recap being read by your favourite narrator... mine is the guy from Jane the Virgin!]

Saffron's (Sofie's) dad sold her to POW (the Pissed off Wolf) for ten grand. That's great parenting for you.

Logan, POW's son and the future Alpha is Sofie's mate, but she doesn't know it. She does think Logan is super cute though! 

Sofie has a roommate, Zara. Sofie's met Zara's boyfriend Jasper, though that relationship may not last. Tomorrow, Jasper turns 17 and finds his mate. Want to take bets on who that mate is going to be?

POW lets Sofie go to school and Sofie has a few hot make-out sessions with Logan: one in the bathroom (steamy) and one in the janitor's closet (unexpected). Which was your favourite?

Oh, and while we're on the topic of the janitor's closet, Logan thinks it's the perfect opportunity for Sofie to stop being an Omega. Only Sofie isn't really an Omega and she think Logan's going to attack her, so that doesn't really work out. 

So Logan finally stops acting scary and takes Sofie to the nurse's office, where she discovers she can't link (communicate telepathically like all the other Wolves--yup, that's a thing!).     

Which leads us back to the Pack House, where the Linking Lessons begin! 


Now let's take a vote. Should Sofie learn to link?

a) Yes. 

b) No.

c) Maybe later?

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