LBAWP | Chapter 23

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FYI: Chapter 22 is LOGAN's BONUS

This chapter is dedicated to someone who can tell me: the color of Amaryllis's hair.

This chapter is dedicated to someone who can tell me: the color of Amaryllis's hair

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I let out a war cry that echoes down the hall.

"Run!" Amaryllis's Mom begs. "Leave me and go."

"No! We take out the guards—we make them pay!"

Amaryllis immediately sets her mom on the ground. Then she shifts and for a second, I think that my shout must have been an order.

I won't let them hurt you, Mom. I promise, she says, moving to stand by my side. She bares her teeth and tenses, ready to fight.

"Saffron..." Jess whimpers. She looks like a deer caught in the headlights, her blue eyes wide with panic. She glances over her shoulder and whimpers again.

"Can you shoot a gun?" I ask her.

"Y-yes." She follows my gaze to the weapon in her hands. Her eyes widen even further, like she forgot she had it.

"Good. Here, hold this." I hand her Robbie's phone and dive for the giant's gun. It's the same weapon that shot Amaryllis's Mom. I know that it was the giant who shot her, not the gun, but holding it still feels wrong. I do it anyway.

I train it in the direction of the approaching guards and move to Amaryllis's side. Jess does the same, mirroring me, except that she's dressed like the guards, while I'm not wearing a scrap of clothing. It makes me nervous—and vulnerable—but it's not like I have a choice. If I shift, I won't be able to shoot.

I let my long brown hair cover my body as best I can as the guards come into view. There are only six of them: three silver wolves in the lead, followed by three humans holding guns. One of them is Kyle. The other two are a man and a woman, both so skinny they look half-starved. Aside from their clean clothes, they remind me of all the rogues I've run into over the years. Well, that and the fact that they're freshly washed. The guy's blond curls practically glow, and the woman's red locks don't hold a speck of grease.

"Put down your guns," Kyle orders, raising his. The smirk on his face says everything. He knows we're outnumbered: three guns to two; three wolves to one. Unless we're better fighters and significantly better shooters, we don't stand much of a chance. Unless...

"Stop," I shout. "Stop right now or we'll shoot."

I don't actually expect it to work, but the entire group suddenly draws to a halt. They do it instantly, all six at once, almost like it's rehearsed.

"Did you...?" Jess trails off.

"Maybe?" I whisper back.

"What did you do to Sanchez?" Kyle demands, eyes wide as he stares down at the giant.

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