STAWP | Chapter 60

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I rush to catch up with POW and then hurry past him toward my room. I just beat him to the door and spin around to face him. "I'm okay from here," I say.

"Very well." POW nods, waiting for me to go inside.

I listen at the door for a second, but there aren't any noises coming from the room. That doesn't mean Zara and Jasper aren't inside though. What if the two of them fell asleep? What if they're lying there naked, without the covers on or doing something embarrassing?

I sneak a glance at POW. He stares back at me, arms crossed, and gestures with his chin for me to go in. I reach for the doorknob, but then hesitate. I can't just walk in on Zara and Jasper! I have to at list warn them. I knock on the door, count to five in my head, and then twist the doorknob.

"Saffron," POW snaps, stepping forward and pushing the door wide open.

The first thing I see are the candles. The ceiling lights are off, but the room is glowing from dozens of little lights. They're everywhere: on the nightstand, on the windowsills, on both desks, even on the chairs.

Then, my gaze snaps to Zara's bed, where she and Jasper are making out like crazy. I mean lips fused together, hands running up and down each other's bodies crazy. Thankfully, the lower half of those bodies are covered by Zara's blanket, which is pulled up to their waists. Unfortunately, the rest of them is naked, and POW and I get an eyeful neither of us wanted.

"What is going on here?" POW shouts.

Jasper and Zara jerk apart at the sound of POW's booming voice. Zara shrieks and Jasper rolls on top of her, shielding her naked body from view. This pushes the blanked down, revealing more of Japser's behind than either of us wants to see. Zara seems to realize this as well and starts grabbing blindly for the blanket. When she captures a handful, she tugs at it madly, pulling it up until it covers them both up to their necks.

Now, their intertwined legs are sticking out of the blankets, bare from the thigh down. Zara tries to pull hers up, tucking in her knees, and Jasper scrambles to get out of the way. He's already too close to the edge of the bed, and he tumbles down to the floor, taking the blanket with him. Zara screams and grabs for it wildly and manages to catch hold of the edge right before it slips off the bed. She yanks at it, covering herself back up, which leaves poor Jasper butt naked on the bedroom floor.

Jasper is apparently still really, really, into Zara despite the interruption, and I quickly look away. My cheeks flame, and I cover my eyes with my hands. I try to get the image out of my head, pushing with my palms against my eyeballs as if that will somehow help, but it's not like I can somehow unsee that. I don't even want to remember it, and yet that image flashes in front of my eyes, over and over. I think I might be traumatized, or scarred for life. I know I did not want the first time I saw a guy like that to be someone else's boyfriend. How am I supposed to ever face Jasper again? Or Zara?

In the background, I hear what sounds like Jasper scrambling up to his feet. Then, footsteps echo down the hall and I turn to see Logan rushing toward us. He's got his phone in one hand and he looks pretty freaked out. Considering POW and I are still standing in the hall and the door to my room is open, he should be.

When he reaches us, he looks over my shoulder. I'm afraid to look too in case Jasper is still naked, but when I do sneak a tiny peek, it's safe to look. Jasper's managed to scramble back under the blanket so it covers him up to his waist. There's still a lot more of Jasper than I want to see, like the line of hair trailing down his abdomen all the way to his... Goddess, I should not be seeing this, especially not after I just got an eyeful of Jasper's junk.

If I wasn't red before, I know I must look like a tomato now. My cheeks flush as I try not to look at Jasper. I turn my gaze to Zara instead, and am greeted by her horrified stare. Thankfully, the wide-eyed look aimed squarely at POW, and not at me. Even though I'm the one who didn't do enough to stop him. I should have tried harder. If I'd known all this would happen, I would have. I could have made a run for it, had POW chase me down. I could have pretended to be seek and asked to see a doctor. I could have done so much, but I didn't. I totally failed Zara.

"Will you two explain yourselves?" POW demands.

"We're sorry for sneaking around, Alpha, but—" Jasper begins.

"Well, you should be, young man." POW shouts, his booming voice making me jump. "It's your birthday in a few hours, and you're still sneaking into other girls' beds?"

Zara gasps.

"Not girls." Jasper sounds as outraged as POW. "Just Zara. Only Zara."

"Yeah, it's not what it looks like," Zara adds.

"Isn't it?" POW demands.

"I love her. She's—" Jasper begins.

"It's not their fault," Logan interrupts.

"You condone this behaviour?" POW demands. "You're the future Alpha. The packs looks to you for guidance," he launches into a lecture that seems to go on and on. He talks about responsibility, and setting an example, and repeats the word unacceptable over and over again. Logan looks down in shame, and I fight the urge to tell POW to leave him alone.

"She's my mate," Jasper yells from the bed. "Zara's my mate!"

Logan turns away from POW and stares at Jasper in shock. "You serious, man?"

"Of course I'm serious." Jasper grins from ear to ear.

"But it's not..."

"It's past midnight." Zara starts grinning too and leans into Jasper lovingly.

"And did you know Zara was your mate before you came here?"  POW demands, a frown marring his face.


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