STAWP | Chapter 22

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I'm washing shampoo out of my hair when someone knocks on the bathroom door. I debate telling whoever it is the shower's taken, but I'd have to shout over the sound of running water... which a wolf should be able to hear through the door.

I wonder if it's Zara. She might have tried calling and the phone was on silent. It's not like I'd know. When I tried to use it to get online, it was locked. I entered a bunch of random passwords, obvious stuff like 1234, until I ran out of guesses. Then I tossed the thing on the counter and decided I might as well take a shower.

Over the running water, I hear what sounds like someone jiggling the doorknob. I focus on the sound and I'm pretty sure someone just opened the door! Did I forget to lock it?

"Zara?" I call, my heart racing, but there's no reply. Instead, I hear the door shut and the lock click.

That's when I totally freak out. I'm naked and my face is covered with shampoo, so I can't even open my eyes and see who's there. For all I know, some creep is peeking around the shower curtain right now, looking at me. Or it's a serial killer! What if this is just like that horror story I read in English class?

Heart pounding, I take a fighting stance and quickly stick my head under the stream of water. I use one hand to wipe away the shampoo from my face and open my eyes. My body is tense and filled with terror as I take in the closed shower curtain. There's no one there. Heart racing, I throw the edge of the curtain aside and stick my head out.

"Logan?" I shriek.

"Hi Saffron," he greets, looking sheepish. He's dressed in jeans and a navy t-shirt that shows off a lot of muscle.

"What are you doing here?" I hug the shower curtain against my naked body and edge back so only half my face is sticking out. I know there is some shampoo left in my hair and I probably look like a drowned rat.

"I went looking for Jasper," Logan tells me, "and followed your scent here."

I guess that answers how he found me, but not what he's doing here. "Can you leave now?" I ask. Why is he in the bathroom while I'm in the shower, naked? That can't possibly be normal, even in a pack house. I mean, doesn't he realize how awkward this is?

Then, it really hits me. There is a hot guy in the bathroom and I'm butt naked. I can't grab my clothes, since I'd have to reach past Logan... or the towels, which are on a shelf next to my clothes. Plus, I still need to finish my shower and wash off the shampoo. Meanwhile, I'm naked! Droplets of water keep landing on my bare back and the shower curtain is pressed against my breasts. What if the shower curtain is see-through? It's burgundy, so probably not, but what if I'm wrong? I feel my entire body start to blush, from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. Great. Just great! There's a hot guy in the bathroom and I'm beginning to match the shower curtain.

"They'll probably be a while," Logan tells me, and it takes me a second to realize he's talking about Zara and Jasper. He takes a clean towel from the shelf and spreads it out on the floor. Then he takes a seat against the wall, making himself comfortable. "I'll keep you company."

"You can't be here!" I gasp. "Leave! Now!"

"Relax," Logan drawls, smiling up at me from his spot on the floor.

"I'm in the shower," I tell him, waiting for him to realize he shouldn't be here.

"Take your time." Logan smiles up at me and pulls his phone from his pocket. He's completely relaxed, as if he does this sort of thing every day.

"Can you please leave?" I beg. I know I sound whiny and desperate, but I can't help freaking out.

"You won't even know I'm here. I promise." Logan doesn't bother looking up from his phone.

I wait a few more seconds and then groan in frustration. It's not like I can physically force him to leave. Not when I'm naked and hiding behind the shower curtain! Plus, I can't really yell at him or make demands. It'll show him I'm no push-over Omega... though how I can worry about that under the circumstances is beyond me.

I debate with myself, wondering what I should do, and realize that if Logan isn't going anywhere, I better make this quick. I close the shower curtain, pulling it flush against the wall and making triple sure there are no gaps. When I feel as safe as I possibly can under the circumstances, I take the world's fastest shower.

I run my fingers through my hair, washing out the remaining shampoo. I debate not using conditioner, but I really don't want to look like a frizzy mess in front of Logan and everyone else at school tomorrow. Plus, I doubt the extra second or two would really make a difference.

When I'm done conditioning, I realize I can't go to school smelling like sweat either. I'm conscious of Logan on the other side of the shower curtain as I pump body wash into my hands. My heart races and I become acutely aware of every inch of skin I touch. For a second, I wonder what it would feel like if Logan's hands were the ones running down my body, and let out something halfway between a gasp and a moan. From the other side of the curtain, Logan growls.

I stand still and hold my breath for about a minute, my heart pounding, but Logan doesn't move or say anything. I peek around the curtain and he's still sitting on the towel. He looks like he's in a steam room, with the water's still running and the mirrors all fogged up. His eyes are closed and he's taking deep, cleansing breaths like the gym teacher had us do in meditation. He also looks like he's forgotten I'm even here while I'm fantasizing about him. That's just great! He's all I can think about and meanwhile he's doing hot yoga.

I cringe with embarrassment and quickly wash off the remaining soap. When I finally turn off the water, I feel twice as naked as I did with it running. Which is when I also remember that I can't reach the towels...

"Um, Logan?" I ask, sticking my head out from behind the curtain.

"Yeah?" Logan opens his eyes and looks up at me. His voice is really deep, I guess from all that meditating.

"Can you pass me a towel?"

He hands me a clean one and I quickly dry myself off. I try not to be aware of the towel as it slides across my naked skin, but I can't seem to help it. It's like Logan has this weird power over me that I can't explain. Plus, it's totally weird being naked with a guy in the same room.

When I'm done, I try to wrap myself in the towel, but it barely reaches my hips. "Can you pass me my clothes?" I ask Logan.

I peek out and watch as he stands up and grabs my pajamas and then my bra and panties, which I left hanging on the same hook. He hands the panties to me first—my plain white hipsters with pink hearts on them—and I blush like crazy. Our fingers touch as I grab for them, and I quickly yank my hand back.

I switch the panties to my other hand and then reach out for my bubble-gum pink bra. It wasn't my first choice, but it was the only color the store had on sale. I wait for Logan to hand it to me, but he dangles it by one strap instead, keeping it just out of reach. I try to grab for it and almost tumble out of the shower. "Logan!" I shriek, glaring at him.

He bursts out laughing and tosses me the bra. I grab it and quickly duck behind the shower curtain. I pull on my underwear and bra, toss my towel onto the side of the tub, and grab the pyjama pants and tank top from Logan.

When I'm dressed, I still don't want to come out from behind the curtain. I'm not ready to face Logan, but I also know I can't stay in the tub forever. Hesitating, I push the curtain aside and force myself to step out and onto the bathroom floor. 

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