SBAWP | Chapter 8

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When we exit Joe's Pizza, Jasper is parked out front with Zara. Her cheeks are flushed, her lipstick's smudged, and her hair is a tangled mess. Also, Jasper's shirt is inside-out.

"That's an interesting shirt." Logan tries not to laugh as he climbs into the back seat.

Jasper looks down at his shirt, grins sheepishly, and takes it off right there in the driver's seat. He doesn't seem to care that we're idling in front of the diner for anyone to see. Most people glance at him and keep walking, like this sort of thing happens every day, but two girls stop and stare. Jasper winks at them as he turns his shirt right side out, and the girls giggle and blush, their eyes glued to his chest. I check to see if Zara's upset, since he is her mate, but she's too busy staring at Jasper like she's been walking through the desert, and his abs are an oasis.

"Been getting a lot of exercise?" Logan asks, and I nearly choke.

"Sure, man, big game coming up." Jasper replies, oblivious, and pulls his shirt back on.

"We saved you some pizza," I quickly change the subject before Logan can explain the whole exercise thing, and hold up the box with half the pie.

"Thanks, Saf." Zara places the open pizza box on her lap and digs in, while Jasper somehow manages to eat with one hand, drive with the other, and not crash the car.

When we pull into the school parking lot, POW's guard is already there, watching us from across the street. He'd followed us to Joe's pizza, but he didn't stay—probably no need to, with the Alpha's son watching me. Now, he's back on duty, waiting for me to make a run for it between classes; not that I'm going to, now that I have forty-nine more dates left with Logan... or maybe fifty, since we spent most of lunch filling out the job application, and then madly scarfing down pizza since lunch was almost over. Does that actually count as a date?

I still can't believe I asked him out, and not just on one date, but fifty. The mere thought of it makes me blush and when Logan takes my hand in his—like we're a real couple—my blush deepens. I look back to see if Zara's mad at me for basically stealing her best friend's ex, but she's too busy making eyes at Jasper. The two of them are about as close as two people can get without getting fused together, or... never mind.

When we walk through the double doors and enter the school, everyone literally parts to make way. Someone wolf whistles at us—that one's probably aimed at Zasper—and the wolf kids laugh, like it's an inside joke. I guess it is.

At OPS, no one paid any attention to me, Anna, or Jen. Now, I still feel like the center of attention—a celebrity walking down the red carpet, with all eyes on us. I know I should be uncomfortable, or at least a little embarrassed, but instead, I feel like I've finally found a place where I belong.

We head toward the stairwell, which is kind of weird sine the four of us have gym after lunch. The gym at OPS was on the main floor, but there's really no reason it can't be upstairs, right? Obviously, the others know where they're going, so I don't bother questioning them until we reach a plain-looking classroom.

"I have gym." I dig in my heels when Logan tries to pull me inside.

"Yeah, I know." Logan nods and continues pulling me into a classroom that's quickly filling up with students.

"Phys ed?" I try again. "Exercise?"

"Exercise?" Logan starts to laugh and I blush scarlet. "Actually, kind of." He snickers. "We've got health this week."

"Health?" I gape. As in Sex Ed? I haven't had to take that at OPS since grade eight.

"Yeah, you know." Logan wiggles his eyebrows and smirks.

I blush and follow him to a row of desks in the front row. Zara's already sitting next to Jasper, and Logan picks the seat on Jasper's right. That leaves me sitting between him and the window.

The moment he's seated, Logan pushes his desk toward mine, so they're touching. Jasper grins and immediately does the same thing with Zara. That sets off a chain reaction, and everyone else start pairing up or getting into groups of three. There's even one group of six that manages to move their desks together by positioning them sort of diagonally.

The teacher enters the room a minute later, pauses in the doorway, and looks around. She's exactly how I would picture a gym teacher, with short, grayish hair, basketball shorts, and a baggy t-shirt that reads Mapleton High. I expect her to order us to put back the tables and give us all detention, but she ignores our redecorating and heads to the front of the room.

"Teen pregnancy at Mapleton High is three times the provincial average," she states. "Which is why, today, we're going to learn about protection."

Personally, I think she needs to have a lecture with POW instead of teaching us about protection. If he lets all mated couples share rooms, it's no wonder they're getting pregnant left, right, and center. I obviously can't tell the human teacher that, but I definitely need to have a talk with Zara. I'm not sure birth control even works on wolves, but condoms should, and she better be using them. Come to think of it, maybe health class isn't such a bad idea.

The teacher doesn't bother to introduce herself. I guess that except for me, everyone already knows who she is. She just reaches into the pocket of her gym shorts, digs deep, and pulls out a handful of condoms. They're the same colorful wrappers I saw in the nurse's office—red, yellow, green and blue. I really hope she didn't borrow the nurse's poster of naked people, too. There is no way it would fit in her pocket, but neither should the next item she pulls out: a banana.

"Alright," she announces. "I'm sure you know where this is going, so let's get a volunteer."

It takes me a second to realize where, exactly, this is going. At OPS, teachers didn't use props or make us do stuff—they mostly just showed us videos. Honestly, I think they were just as embarrassed by the whole thing as we were. Obviously, things at Mapleton High are a little different.

The teacher's gaze takes in the classroom and I shrink back into my seat and try not to make eye contact. Please don't pick me. Please don't pick me. Please don't pick me! I hold my breath and pray to the Moon Goddess. Only it doesn't work, because the teacher's eyes slowly travel across the room, moving closer and closer to where I'm sitting.


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