LBAWP | Chapter 2

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Sorry this is a little late. I was watching America's Got Talent and lost track of time! Good thing I'm not getting paid to do this, or I'd probably get fired. I mean, can you imagine showing up at school or work and saying "Sorry I'm late, sir, I spent the last hour on YouTube"?

 I mean, can you imagine showing up at school or work and saying "Sorry I'm late, sir, I spent the last hour on YouTube"?

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I glance back at Saf one more time before I leave our room. Technically it's still kind of more her room than ours, since I haven't moved my stuff in yet, but obviously that will change after the announcement. Saf's cheeks are pink from laughing, and maybe a bit from our make out session too, and I feel a burst of happiness. She's so beautiful, and she's all mine.

"I'll be back soon," I tell her and quickly march off to Father's office. The sooner I hear what he has to say, the sooner we can get on with the announcement, and the sooner we can be alone again. Without Father interrupting this time.

His office door is closed, and I knock politely and wait until Father tells me to come in. It's something he really needs to learn to do, and I wonder if there is a way of telling him that without him turning into a pissed off wolf. I chuckle at the nickname, take a deep breath, and enter.

Father's sitting behind his desk with what looks like a glass of whiskey in one hand. He swirls the liquid around and around, and the sound of rattling ice cubes echoes through the silent office. When I approach the desk, Father finally looks up from the glass. His eyes are bloodshot and there are bags around them from lack of sleep. He kind of looks nervous, too, like he's dreading our talk.

"Look, Father," I groan, "we don't really need to have The Talk, do we?"

"What?" The frown lines on his forehead become a little more pronounced.

"Can we just get to the announcement?" I ask. I want to be with Saf, he clearly needs sleep—as far as I can tell, it's win-win. "I really don't need The Talk anyway. I know what I'm doing."

"What are you—?" Father starts to ask, then groans. "I didn't call you here to talk about sex, Logan."

"Oh, good." I smile in relief, but then worry takes its place. "Did something happen? Is it Jess?"

"No." Father gestures at the chair across from his desk. "Sit."

"Fine." I slump into it. "Now tell me what's going on. What happened?"

"I brought her into this house, Logan," Father says. "I should have kept a closer eye on her."

"On who?"

"There are a few things I need to tell you first. So you'll understand."

"Just tell me who you're talking about."

"Not yet. Listen." Father leans forward in his seat. "When I left on Wednesday, I headed straight to the Moonlit Pack and had a long talk with Alpha Jordan."

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