STAWP | Chapter 48

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I was not eating ice cream when I wrote this chapter. I just thought it was important to point that out before you started reading! 

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One second, I think Logan wants to attack me, and the next he has me pinned against the wall... and it looks like attacking me is the last thing on his mind.

His body is pressed flush against mine and his thigh is between my legs, holding me in place. His solid, muscular chest radiates heat, while his breath grazes the wet spot he just left on my neck. I shiver, and he licks me again, and then sucks on my neck, like I'm his personal ice cream cone. It should feel gross, or at least weird, but it doesn't. It's so hot I can feel it all the way down to my toes.

"Lo—" I moan his name, or start to. The feelings his lips and tongue inspire make me blush and tremble all at the same time.

Logan doesn't give me a chance to finish saying his name. He forgets all about my neck and covers my lips with his. I'm not sure how it's possible, but his lips feel hard and soft all at once. I kiss him back instinctively, and when Logan licks my upper lips, I tremble against him.

We just kiss for a few minutes, and a slow fire builds inside me like shooting flames that warm me from head to toe. The feelings threaten to overwhelm me, but they also give me courage to experiment. I slide out my tongue to quickly lick Logan's lips. I think about ice cream again, and I'm glad Logan is too busy kissing me to see me blush.

Logan groans against my lips, the sound filling the empty hallway. Our heavy breathing suddenly seems louder, and when Logan's passionate kiss makes me moan, the sound echoes in my ears long after it's gone. I can't help worrying that someone will hear us, even though no one is around. If Luna or POW came across us like this, I think I'd die!

I press my hands against Logan's chest, intent on pushing him away, but he grabs my wrists before I get the chance. I gasp when he pins them above my head, and when he kisses me again, I forget to breathe. After that, I forget to think. I match him kiss for kiss, first tentatively then hungrily. Logan threads his fingers through mine, but keeps my arms pinned above my head. Being trapped by his solid thigh and hard chest, and held down against the wall by his strong, muscular arms, triggers an instinct deep inside me. That instinct isn't common sense, urging me to break free, and it's not my wolf telling me to do inappropriate things. I surrender.

I push my body against Logan and kiss him with everything I have. I barely feel his hands let go and then he has both my wrists pinned with one hand. When his other hand slides under my shirt and cups my breast through my bra, I arch up and moan against his lips, needing more. Craving more!

"What the hell?" someone shouts. The voice is female, but that's about all my foggy brain registers.

I jerk my lips from Logan's as if I've been burned. My body is on fire and my pulse races. My lips are bruised and throbbing as I try to regain my breath and turn toward the voice.

With the wall at my back and Logan plastered against my front, there isn't anywhere for me to go. I react instinctively and try to free my wrists so I can push him away. Logan's hand is still under my shirt and grazes my breast repeatedly as I struggle. My body wants to arch against him further even as my brain tells me we have to stop, now.

My cheeks flame and I cringe at the thought of someone standing there, watching us. Logan finally clues in to the fact that we should stop and takes a step back from me. His hand stays under my shirt of another second and I blush even more when he finally removes it.

It could be anyone watching us. If it's Luna—Logan's mom—that would be mortifying. If it's Zara, I don't think I'd ever be able to look her in the eye again. If it's Nicki, I don't even know how I'll explain all this. What kind of example would I be setting if it is Zara's little sister?

When I finally turn my head, it's none of the people I expected. Instead, it's Zara's friend Jess. Unlike earlier today, when she sat at breakfast with a vacant stare, her eyes are blazing.

"How could you?" She shouts, fuming as she storms toward us. She stares right at Logan, her expression a mix of anger and betrayal. The two feelings war on her face before anger wins.

"Jess, it's—" Logan takes a nervous step back.

"What the hell were you thinking?" Jess shouts, grabbing my arm and pulling me away from Logan. I stumble, not expecting so much force from the girl. My impression of her has been of someone wear and broken, but right now she's ready to kill.

Logan starts to reach for me, then seems to change his mind and raises his hands up, as if warding off the force that is Jess. That's what she is, a force to be reckoned with. Her hands are clenched in fists, her pupils are dilated, and her cheeks are marked with splotches of angry red. She's glaring at Logan, anger seeming to spill off of her in waves. Her grip tightens around my arm, turning almost painful, though I don't think she's doing it on purpose. She seems to be too caught up with glaring at Logan to remember to notice.

I feel a stabbing pain as her nails digging into my skin and draw blood, but I don't bother fighting her off. I've suffered through worse, and I don't want to interrupt, not when I need to figure out what's going on.

There is only one explanation I can think of as to why Jess is this angry. There is only one reason I can come up with to explain why she shouted 'how could you.' The only real possibility is that Logan's cheating on her, with me. That he's been hooking up with both of us at the same time.


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