SBAWP | Chapter 22

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I'm sorry. Saffron's voice echoes in my mind and know that she's finally done it. She's managed to link.

What's wrong, Saffie? I call, racing toward her. I can't see her well at this distance. All I can really tell is that she's in wolf form, and I feel a wave of relief. Why are you sorry? Are you hurt?

Saf doesn't reply and I run faster. I pass a tree in the middle of the clearing and spot two wolves next to it, both of their necks torn to shreds. Seeing them like this brings no satisfaction. I need them alive, so I can kill them myself for attacking my family, my pack. I stare venom at the wolf closest to the tree, and then my gaze shifts to the other gray, who looks kind of familiar. There's something about him, something about his scent...

I can't put my finger on it—or paw, as the case may be—and just focus on running toward my mate. When she starts to come into focus, I let out an anguished cry of pain. Her wolf is covered with blood, so much of it that there's a shiny, glistening puddle on the grass surrounding her.

Shift, Saf, I cry. You have to shift so you can heal.

Why hasn't she shifted already? Why is she still in wolf form? When I saw her wolf, I thought that meant she wasn't hurt. If she was, she should have shifted the moment she no longer needed to fight. It's the first thing we learn as pups, that if we're bleeding, we need to shift to close the wound and speed up the healing. That if we're hurt in wolf form, we need to shift so that Doctor Dev can do things like stitch us up or set broken bones.

Zara. Jasper cries.

I've never heard so much anguish in my Beta's voice, not even the time he broke his leg back when we were kids. His scream then hadn't held even a tenth of the pain it does now. My eyes fly to him as he skids to a stop next to Zara's limp, human form and I let out gasp. Her skin is red, coated with blood, and for a minute my steps falter. The bile rises to my throat, unbidden, and I have to fight it back down. How could anyone do this to our Zara?

Jasper licks her face once, twice, and then shifts into human form and falls to his knees. "No, please, Zara, no!"

Nisha, I hear someone cry out over the link.

Joshie? Oh my goddess, Joshie! Someone else screams.

I knew both kids would be here with Saf and Zara—Nicki too—but I can't see any of them from here. All I can do is hope that they're okay as I cover the rest of the distance to my mate.

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