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Alpha: Leader of the pack. The Alpha's heir. Capitalized.

Alpha James Patton: See: POW

Beta: The Alpha's second. Their best friend and most trusted adviser. Leads in the absence of the Alpha. Capitalized.

Beta Female / Beta Male: The Luna's second. Almost always the Beta's mate.

Gamma: Some packs have a Gamma, or a third. The Gamma is most often addressed by name, but they are owed respect in the pack. This title exists when the Alpha and Luna could not agree on a Beta pair. This happens when (a) the Alpha's most trusted adviser and the Luna's most trusted adviser aren't mated to one another, or (b) the Alpha or Luna have two trusted advisers.

his/her wolf: every Wolf (i.e., Werewolf) is a person with a wolf inside them. They can talk to their wolf.

Link: (noun) An invisible mechanism that exists between werewolves and allows them to communicate by consciously transmitting and receiving thoughts; (verb) to link is to contact another werewolf on the link, thereby communicating mentally.

Logan Patton: Son of Alpha James Patton

Luna: The Alpha's mate. Some male Lunas prefer to be called 'Alpha' along with their mates, while others embrace the non-traditional title. Some female Alphas prefer the term Luna, even though they are the main leader of the pack. Capitalized.

Luna, the: The Luna is the most respected Wolf leader of all time.

Mate: A wolf's other half, a partner who's perfect for them. It is believed that the Moon Goddess chooses one's mate. A mate is what the wolf needs, not necessarily what they want. When male wolves turn 17, they find their mate by making eye contact with her. Then they just know.

Moon Goddess: A deity wolves believe in. She selects your mate, and you pray to her. Some wolves are more religions then others. Capitalized.

Obesity (werewolves): A werewolf must exercise as a wolf and as a human. If they only ever run as a wolf, their wolf will be lean and strong, and the human will carry the extra weight. Or they can have a fat, lazy wolf and a strong, built human. This is just the way it's always been. There is a scientific explanation, of course, just ask a werewolf doctor.

Omega: One of the weakest Wolves in the pack, the omega is a submissive wolf that bears the brunt of the dominance displayed by the other Wolves. The Omega is emotionally, and sometimes physically abused, because many Wolves see the Omega as a pushover and coward, and not deserving of a werewolf's respect. Other Wolves will assert their dominance over the Omega, who will whimper in surrender.

Pack: A group of wolves who live together and share an internal leadership system

Pack house: The house where the Alpha lives. In some packs, many wolves lives in that house, while in others, wolves only go there for meetings.

Packmate: a member of the same Wolf pack

POW: Pronounced 'POW!' like in a comic book: the sound of a blow or explosion. Not P.O.W like prisoner of war. Saffron's nickname for Alpha James Patton. An acronym for Pissed Off Wolf.

Rogue: A dishonest, unprincipled Wolf who does not live with a pack. Capitalized.

Saffron: The main character. Sometimes called Sofie, Saf, or Saffie.

Shift: To shift is to transform from human form to wolf form. To shift can also mean transforming back to one's human form, but that more commonly referred to as "to shift back".

Werewolf: A person who can shift from human to wolf and back. Both parts can communicate with each other mentally, though by nature the wolf is silent and only speaks during highly emotional or stressful situations (mate, hunger, need to run, fear, anger, desire). The wolf can still think and communicate when the body is in human form; the human can still think and communicate when the body is in wolf form. The term werewolf comes from human lore. The preferred term among their kind is Wolf. Note: Saffron, who's grown up among humans, will occasionally use the term werewolf. Pack wolves will not.

Wolf: A colloquial term for werewolf. Capitalized.

Wolf usage: I'm a Wolf (aka werewolf). My wolf (aka the part of me that is a wolf). I'm in wolf form (shifting). I see a wolf (the animal, could be a shifted werewolf, or an actual animal, but you don't really distinguish which). I see a Wolf (seeing a werewolf).

wolf: A wild carnivorous mammal of the dog family. Lowercase. There is a wolf inside every werewolf. See his/her wolf.

Wolf pack: see: pack

Diet (werewolves):

Wolves eat a lot of meat. They're primarily carnivores, and few try to survive on a vegan/vegetarian diet since it's harder to be a strong wolf without meat. While they still consume fruits, vegetables and processed human foods (e.g., soda, doughnuts, etc.), their diet consists primarily of meat, poultry and fish. In case anyone's curious, Werecats cannot be vegetarian or vegan--they'll die without meat. There aren't any Werecats in this story, but I thought you should know.


When a male werewolf turns 17, he is ready and able to find his mate. According to werewolf religion, this mate is chosen by the Moon Goddess and is his other half – the person he's meant to spend the rest of his life with.

If he's straight, his wolf is female, if he's gay his mate is male, and if he's bi, his mate could be either or. With two male mates, when the eldest turns 17, they are able to find each other. With two female mates, it works the same way. If a gay female wolf has come out to her pack, she will have a mating ceremony on her birthday and will make eye contact with all the girls in her pack. Otherwise, she will do so secretly in hopes of finding her mate. Also, some wolves don't have a mate.

Mates can also be of any age, but if they're under 15, werewolf law dictates that the mates must be separated until they are of age.

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