STAWP | Chapter 23

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Logan is still standing in the middle of the bathroom and I end up an arm's length away from him. He's a few inches taller than me, so I have to tilt my head up slightly to look at him. We stand like that for several seconds, staring at each other, before Logan turns away and sits down against the wall.

"Here." He smiles at me, patting the spot on the towel next to him.

I consider my options. I could sit down beside this hot guy, in the bathroom, alone. My heart races. I could also leave the bathroom and go... well, I guess I could interrupt Zara and Jasper, but I'd rather avoid the embarrassment. What if I hear sex noises? I don't think I'd ever live it down! Maybe I could go back to the laundry room? I glance at the door, then at Logan, and then back at the door. I take a step forward, but in the end I can't resist the pull Logan has on me.

As I join him on the towel, I instantly become hyperaware of his body. My bare arm brushes his as I sit down and my leg is so close to his that the slightest twitch could have us touching. I try not to panic and move to the very edge of the towel. I make as much space between us as possible, which really isn't all that much, unless I'm willing to slide onto the cold marble floor.

"Saffron, I..." Logan begins, but I interrupt him.

"It's Sofie," I tell him. Saffron sounds too intimate, and no one ever calls me that anymore... well, except Logan's dad, but it's not like I'd ever correct the Pissed Off Wolf.

"Sofie?" Logan whispers, though it comes out more like a question.

I nod and then, for some reason I can't explain, I blush. I'm also filled with nerves, even though logically I know Logan isn't into me and nothing's going to happen. I mean, he practically ignored me while I was in the shower and now we're alone in the bathroom together, with the door locked, sitting right next to each other. I gulp. I look at Logan, my gaze drifting down to his lips, but he doesn't make a move. Nope, definitely not into me.

Even though I know whatever attraction I feel is one sided, I can't seem to help it. My breathing is quicker than it should be and my palms are sweaty. Plus, my pulse is racing just from the fact that he's sitting next to me. I look away, embarrassed over how I feel, and stare down at my bare feet.

"Sofie, I'm sorry I scared you earlier."

"It's fine." I glance up at Logan and he looks back at me earnestly. First Zara apologized, and now Logan! If nothing else, POW's raised a very polite, well-mannered pack.

"No, it's--—" Logan begins.

"It's was just instinct," I interrupt. That's how thing are with our kind. Male wolves are naturally aggressive and can't help wanting to fight, especially in wolf form. Years with Dad can attest to that.

"I know," Logan looks relieved, "but I still didn't mean to scare you."

I don't reply and for a while both of us stay silent. I wish I could tell him that he didn't scare me. Not really. That the whole submissive wolf thing was just my way of making sure he lost interest in fighting before any damage was done. I mean, yes, I wanted to avoid any broken bones, but who wouldn't?

I hate that Logan thinks I'm weak and can't handle a bit of pain. For some reason, I have this urge to impress him. I bet if I listed all the bones I've broken over the years... my own, and Dad's... he'd see me differently, but I know that's not an option. If I say anything, it'll prove I'm faking the whole Omega thing, and escape is far more important than whatever silly crush I have on Logan.

"Even if it's instinct, you can still fight it," Logan tells me. "It doesn't have to control you."

I want to give Logan a hug. I don't like that he's being so hard on himself. It's not like we fought and he hurt me, so there's no real reason for him to apologize.

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