LBAWP | Chapter 26

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OMG I'm so sorry it took so long to update! I've been having trouble figuring out how to get this chapter right (too many details!!!) and then I took a break from STAWP to write an adult paranormal romance (which is now published!). You can read it here: and I'll show off the cover at the end of the chapter!!! 

Hope you like the latest STAWP/LBAWP installment and again sorry for the delay!

Hope you like the latest STAWP/LBAWP installment and again sorry for the delay!

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"How long before Jasper gets here?" I ask Logan.

"Any minute now." Logan pushes his airbag aside, his movements stilted and sluggish. He's got a bloody nose and black rings are starting to form around his eyes. He'll heal quickly, but I know from experience that his face must be throbbing.

Logan doesn't so much as grimace to show he's in pain. It makes me want to pull him into my arms for a hug. And that word echoes in my head. Mate.

Now is not the time to ask Logan if it's true. Not with Mrs. Jones injured. Not while there's blood everywhere and Rylie's got tears running down her face. I need to focus on getting everyone out of the car and then into Jasper's the moment he gets here.

"Rylie, can you go around and open the door on my side?" I ask.

She hesitates for a second, like she can't bear to let go of her Mom. Then, with a quick nod, she lets me take the scrap of fabric from her bloody fingers.

The once purple dress has long since turned brown, and I press it against Mrs. Jones's wound and turn to the driver's seat. "Jess, I need you to come around and help us while I put pressure on the wound."

Jess nods and pushes past her own airbag and out of the car.

I'm about to ask Logan for help as well, but he's resting his forehead against the car door and clearly struggling to stay upright. At this rate, we may need to carry him, too.

I feel a wave of worry, but Logan a Wolf. He'll be fine.

I focus on getting Mrs. Jones's limp wolf form out of the car. It takes Riley, Jess and me several minutes, but we get it done.

Then, we lay her down on a patch of grass next to the smashed car. The front bumper is embedded in a huge tree trunk, and honestly, we're lucky we survived. If we'd been driving a smaller car, we might not have.

I send up a quick prayer of thanks to the Moon Goddess and turn to watch for Jasper. Periodically, I press my hand against Mrs. Jones's hind leg to make sure her heart is beating steadily. It's weird that a wolf's pulse point is located there, and not the neck like with humans, but her heart beat is fast and steady.

"Saf?" Logan says it so softly that for a second, I think I imagined it.

"Yeah?" I let Riley take over with her Mom and move to his side.

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