SBAWP | Chapter 30

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"We still have quite a bit of time to locate Kaitlin," Doctor Dev says. "I'm giving Saffron fluids. She shifted, so of course there is no need for surgical repair. I've already started treating her for hypovolemia, and her blood pressure's steady, so it looks like..."

Doctor Dev keeps talking, and I try to follow, but science has never been my best subject. I vow to pay better attention in biology class, because all I manage to decipher from Doctor Dev's explanation is that it's a good thing that Saf shifted and that the IV is helping keep her stable. I'm about to ask Doctor Dev for how long when I hear a familiar voice out in the hallway and realize there's no need.

"Where are we going, Alpha?" Kaitlin wines.

I don't think I've ever been this excited to hear her nasely, high-pitched voice. To say I've always found Kaitlin annoying is an understatement. When Jess and I were dating, she used to hang around all the time, like a leech, and it drove me crazy. One time, I even prayed to the Moon Goddess that she would just stop talking and disappear. I'm so glad the she didn't, because right now I want to throw my arms around her—that's how glad I am that she's finally here!

"The infirmary," Father says from outside the door, and the knob starts to turn.

"I have a lot of homework," Kaitlin complains.

"Is that right?" Father asks distractedly, clearly only half-listening.

"Like in all my classes." Kaitlin's tone sounds completely fake, but then again, it is Kaitlin. She never, ever sounds genuine, and she's always exaggerating. I can't believe she's still doing that now, when Saf and Zara are hurt and Jess is missing. I feel my annoyance start to grow and quickly squash it. I owe Kaitlin for being here—for saving Saf's life—and I make a vow to myself that I'll try not to find her fake or annoying, ever again.

"I should really—" Kaitlin starts to say something, but she never finishes the sentence. The moment the infirmary door opens, her gaze lands on Zara, and all the color drains from her face. "I—" she says, taking a step back, only to slam into Father's chest. He grabs her shoulders to steady her, and she looks from him to Zara and back again, her eyes filled with panic.

I know how hard it is to see Zara like this. When I first walked in, I probably didn't look so good myself, and Kaitlin and Zara are way closer than she and I are. They hang out and do girls stuff, like talk about makeup and have sleepovers... or whatever it is girls do.

I try to think of something to say, some way to comfort her. I wish I could tell her Zara will be okay, but I can't give her false hope. I even wish I could say it's not as bad as it looks, but I don't really know if that's true either. All Doctor Dev's said is that Zara's condition is stable, and that's all we can hope for right now.

"Kaitlin," I say her name softly, and her eyes snap to me, then move down to look at Saffron. With a gasp, she tries to spin around, but Father tightens his grip on her shoulders and holds her in place.

Kaitilin looks like she's going to barf, and I look down at Saf again and see her through fresh eyes. Her body is caked with dry blood, and she looks so pale. I wouldn't even be able to tell she was alive if it wasn't for the heart rate monitor's rapid beeping, and I put a gentle hand on her arm to calm myself and make sure her skin is still warm.

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