STAWP | Chapter 46

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And so another weekend ends... and another chapter begins.

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I set down the frying pan on the stove and cover the bottom of the pan with oil. I have all the food prepped and ready to go, so all I need is to turn on the heat and start frying. First, I decide to take a break and rejoin my mate.

"Are you sure you don't want me to cook?" Saffron asks when I sit down on the bar stool across from her. She takes a sip of water and gives me a shy smile.

"No. I know how to cook. I've done it before." We all take turns cooking for the pack, even the Alpha's son. Especially the Alpha's son. I have to lead by example.

I'm glad I know how to cook because I want to be able to do this for Saffron. I want to be able to take care of her—to make her dinner and carry her books to class, even though I know she can cook her own meals and carry her own books. With her Wolf strength, she could probably carry a hundred books and not break a sweat, but I still want to do something nice for her, even if she doesn't need my help.

"So, how do you like it here so far?" I ask.

"It's nice." Saffron smiles, but doesn't elaborate.

I have this sudden urge to get her to tell me everything. I want to know her better. I want her to share every memory that I wasn't a part of. I want her to tell me stories from her childhood and what her life was like growing up. I want to hear about literally every moment from the day she was born to the moment I met her.

There are dozens of questions I need to ask her, questions about her asshole father and what he did to her, but also questions about her mother and school and friends. I want to know so much, but what if I ask her something that upsets her? What if I say something that makes her cry? Or freak out? Or have a nervous breakdown? Even if it doesn't, what if I bring back some horrible memory that she doesn't want to relieve?

I'm also scared that if she talks about her childhood, it will bring back some traumatic memory that sets her back on her Omega to Luna transformation. I still don't know exactly what happened to her, what destroyed her. I don't know why she's weak and terrified and why she cowers away from me and dad and anyone who looks at her sideways. I hope that one day she will tell me, but I don't want to force her to relieve it too soon.

"So..." I try to think of a safe topic to talk about, something that wouldn't upset her. "What's you favourite class?" Yeah, boring, I know, but it's not like I can just sit here and creeper-stare at her and not say anything.

"History," Saffron smiles at me, "but I like Math and English, too."

"Same." I grin. History is actually my favourite subject and it's extremely useful to an Alpha and Luna. One of Father's favourite sayings is that "a leader should be well versed in the history of our kind." He says it so often that just thinking the word history makes that sentence spring up in my mind. It's like I'm brainwashed, sort of but in a good way, because I know Father's right. Knowing the past can help us build the best possible future for our pack.

"You like history too?" Saffron leans forward and her eyes light up.

The fact that she loves history this much is a really good sign. She may have some things she still needs to work on—a lot of things actually—but this is definitely a point in her favour. That and she's the fastest runner I know. She also spotted the guard following us when I hadn't, and that's definitely a useful skill to have. If I can just help her gain some confidence and teach her how to link, I think she'll make an amazing Luna.

"I love history." I smile, relaxing as we move into a familiar subject. I've had a pack history tutor since I was a kid—which always meant tons of extra reading and homework—but I've never cared. I love going through history books and learning about the different things other wolves have done, wolves who lived in different times or faced great challenges, wolves who were Alphas like me. "Have you read Wolves in the 1700s by Becksworth?" I ask Saffron. That's the book I've been reading over the past few weeks, and the stuff I've found out so far is pretty fascinating. I would love to hear my mate's take on it.

"Um, no." Saffron stares at me. "You mean regular wolves, right?"

I start to laugh. She has to be kidding, unless... she looks so serious, but there's no way... "Wait, are you messing with me?"

"Are you?"

I shake my head no.

"You have a book about our kind?" Saffron asks suspiciously.

I nod, my heart sinking. I should have known better. Of course Saffron wouldn't study pack history. She grew up as a rogue. It wouldn't have been required like it is here.

"Why would someone write that?" Saffron asks, confirming my suspicions. "What if a human found it?"

"It can't leave the pack library," I tell her. "There are hundreds of books here, not just the one."

"Hundreds?" Saffron's eyes widen.

I nod and try to hide my anger at her father. Did the man teach her absolutely nothing? Not only is she an Omega, she's clueless about things that every little kid should know. It's like her dad did absolutely everything in his power to make sure she'd make a terrible Luna.

"The library is on the fourth floor, right next to Father's office." I head back to the stove. "You should check it out sometime."


What should happen next? 

Should Saf: 

A) Check out the super cool library that's next to POW's office

B) Finally learn to link

C) Get attacked by a Rogue wolf

D) make out with Logan

E) Have a fun afternoon getting to know her mate

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