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Bump, Set, Spike Series

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Teen Fiction | Romance | Epistolary


Written: August, 2020
Posted: August, 2020
Completed: September, 2020


To the one who stays.


titles under the series:

1. Shameless


Author's Note

Hi! I know may mga ongoing pa ako pero hindi ko na talaga mapigilan na simulan 'to haha. Actually 2016 pa ang plot na ito pero as usual, naunahan ako ng pagiging pagong hehe

Epistolary ulit ito pero medyo different ang format kumpara sa Ekis Babies. This will be short, I think. Puro kalokohan at baka walang patutunguhan kaya baka i-unpublish ko rin 'to later on so ayon hahaha

This story has no relation sa kahit anong universities sa bansa. All are fictional lang po bye.

Inspired ito sa Haikyuu 🥺✊🏻

Enjoy reading 💙


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Shameless (Bump, Set, Spike #1) (To be Published)Tahanan ng mga kuwento. Tumuklas ngayon