Fix Me Sane [Book # 2 of the Shattered Minds Saga]

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So yeah...I decided I'm going to kill myself....

Why not? That's the only way I'll live.

But it's not so simple.

I'm beyond broken...I'm damaged. You see, I'll never be fixed: Never sane. How can you fix something so cracked and shattered? The answer is that you can't. You can only make it better...

Too bad we each have something else planned.

"This is me now deal with it." Dian

"Pain is fun and so all bleed." Loki

"Lock me up. I will just fight harder when I'm free." Evian

"Adults aren't needed and so they die." Ducky

"I have a plan. Plans I have." Hades

"Fear me. For I am King." King

"Lets go to war. This time no one lives." Nian

"....I am God" ?

So here comes this war...that will either save me: Ian Robertson or I'll have my own personal hell.

Why couldn't I just be normal and...die?

Seven months has past since the left side was locked but doors are opening and the war for the body has started.

Which Ian will win?


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