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Fix Me Sane

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First thing first

If i happen to lose my better judgment or for some reason remind myself that i like self inflicted pain and do read for reads again this doesnt count. I swear to god if u read this and not move on and comment on this like it mean something i will trash ur novel. Even if its the best thing cooking i will find one thing that i hate about and i will leave a comment on every part picking at that one thing. I hope we understand each other now.

Next this book two Mark Me Crazy is book one. If you havent read Mark Me Crazy then leave now your not going to know what the fuck is going on. You not going to know all the awesomeness that Ian all parts of Ian are awesome btw.

This is horror again so if ur scary and u dont plan on reading more then the prologue u dont need u to leave me a comment saying that your scared. I might sound like a prick right now but i dont care. Read my story and then i will care.

I have no control over what u leave as a comment but i hate it when ppl say this was awesome. I know already not to sound cocky or anything but ppl say its awesome n i believe them. Tell me y its awesome so that i can improve on it and make it better.

I dont want to have like a 2 page A/N so read the story. For those of u who read Mark Me Crazy u aint see nothing yet. Trust me Ian is this way for a reason and his insanity. Ha u only brushed the surface of it.

All doors were locked in MMC

Read to find out what happens when they open

I feel like every horror story should have some kind of warning so here it is (deep breath)

this book isn't for the faint of heart and it not for the weak of mind

Fix Me Sane if u can

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