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Blood Prize is now available for sale. Pick up your copy and watch Zero struggle between humanity and damnation.

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Magic burns and demons roam the earth.

Two hundred years ago the door to hell was opened and demons poured into the world. When Emma invited a beautiful stranger into her home, she sealed the fate of her family. That included sixteen-year-old Zero. He and his family were some of the first to fall prey to the new world order.

With his undeniable will, Zero became the very thing that destroyed his family, a demon. He uses his new life and powers to hunt down other demons while he struggles between his humanity and damnation.

Zero will have to overcome every obstacle in his way if he wants to meet The Great Demon Ban, the most powerful demons to live and monster who slaughtered his family, on equal terms. In the end, he will have to decide if he's a human playing the role of a demon. Or a demon desperately clinging to something he lost years ago.

Tick Tock Ban, your time is up.

L.I.E.S is available for sale. You can pick yourself a copy of L.I.E.S and join Harper in his search for love.

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Love is obsessive. It's the knowledge that you belong. When you love someone, you give yourself to that person fully. They consume your heart, mind, and soul.

Harper Lin Brown is obsessed with the idea of love. Since the age of eight, his only goal in life has been to find his great love. His mother's dying words to him were 'We are nothing without love.' He has lived by those words bouncing from one man to the next.

It's not just broken hearts that Harper leaves in his wake. A trail of blood and the bodies of anyone who doesn't fit into his perfect idea of what love should be follows him.

Harper's quest leads him back to a former lover. A bloody battle ensues. No one is safe in this war for hearts. Emotions run high, and blood flows freely.

What do you do when the one you love betrays you? Do you cry and beg them not to leave? Do you try to make them understand love isn't temporary? Do you tell them not to be so cruel? Or do you make them understand lies won't be tolerated? Do you make them see it's till death do you part?

Loyalty ensures survival.

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