(NIGHT) 29

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  I tapped my foot impatiently as I waited outside of Dian’s door. He would live but he wasn’t telling us what he saw on the other side of the door. He went mute on us for a while and now he just wouldn’t talk about it. I was losing my patience with him and from the way that Evian was pacing the floor I could tell that he was losing what little patience that he had as well. I was two seconds away from kicking Dian’s ass when I frowned.

            Someone was calling me. Someone that wasn’t inside of the mind with us was calling me. They weren’t saying Ian either they were calling me Nian. I knew who it was. The only other person outside of the mind that called me Nian. Mischa. I looked at Evian and he rolled his eyes because he knew what I wanted from him. I wanted him to keep an eye on Dian while I was gone. After I knew that Evian would do as he was told I left the mind.

            I blinked seeing that I was in the playground in the middle of the night swinging on the swings. I didn’t remember coming here and I didn’t remember how long I had been here. But now Mischa was standing there looking at me. I stopped my swinging and stood up. I haven’t seen Mischa since the last night we spent with each other. I haven’t seen Mischa since Evian killed Maya.

            She walked over to me and pressed her face in chest. I wrapped my arms around her feeling just a bit guilty that she was sad right now. I could feel her sob against me and why wouldn’t she be crying. She just lost her sister. I was part of the reason that she lost her sister. I let Evian have the body. I let him play his game. I knew the dangers of it. I knew that he could have lost it. We were so close to the edge. We were so near the darkness. I should have guessed that he would have done something like that. I should have stopped him.

            “Maya’s dead.” Mischa whispered and I held her closer to me. I felt as if the right thing to do was tell her that I was the one that killed her sister. That Ian killed Maya because when it came down to it does it really matter what Ian we were at that moment. All that matter was that we hurt Mischa. We took from her someone that she loved. And now because of me she was crying.

            “I’m sorry Mischa.” I said and she nodded as she held on to me tighter.

            “Why did he do it?” she whispered. “I know Maya wasn’t the best person but she was still my sister.” She said and I sighed releasing her and moving away from her some.

            “I could make up something. But I don’t know why he did it. Evian wasn’t himself when he killed Maya.” I sighed and frowned as my thoughts started to order themselves. I knew what I had to do. I knew what had to be done but it didn’t mean that I had to like it. “Do you hate me now?” I asked her and she shook her head.

            “No way never.” She said still shaking her head. “You could kill Maya like a million times and I would never hate you Nian.” She told me and I reached out to run my fingers through her hair.

            “What’s the hardest thing that you ever had to do Mischa?” I asked her and she looked at me as if she didn’t understand what it was that I was asking her. No she understood she just was trying to think of why I was asking her this. She wanted to know where I was going with this. I was breaking. Not only my mind but my heart as well. I felt a pain within me that I never known before. But it had to be done. Not for me. Of course not for me I wasn’t so selfish to think that this was for my doing. It was for her.

            “Nian you’re scaring me.” She said and I gave her a smiled before I kissed her. I needed to just once more. If this was going to be the last one. I had to make it count. I held her to me closer than ever before. I held her to me longer than ever before. I could feel her moving closer to me as well. My angel, my Mischa she had no idea the amount of pain that I was in at the moment. She had no idea how much my heart was bleeding at that moment.

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