(EVIL) 28

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  I was once again on the darker side of the mind. I wasn’t looking for a way to get Dian back but if Nian asked that was what I was doing. I didn’t know what he wanted me to do. It wasn’t like I was foolish enough to touch the door again. It wasn’t like either one of us wanted the door to open. And why did we need Dian anyway. He was so useless. He was so pointless. And with him back it would make me have to fight harder for the body again. That was something that I didn’t feel like doing. I didn’t want to have to fight for the body again.

            I had just walked away from the door and saw no way to get inside of it. It looked to me that the only things that were going to get in there was what the door wanted. Then there was Ducky. What was he doing behind the door? Was that where he had been for the last six years? Hiding behind the black door? And if Ducky was in the black room it raised one very important question. Who and or what else was in there with him?

            Baby-Ian was just some weak little child so there had to be more. There was no way in hell that he was strong enough to control something that powerful alone. Nian was an idiot he needed to be here looking with me. He needed to be in the mind helping me and not playing brother or son or best friend or boyfriend out with the body. I needed his help and if he wanted Dian we needed him here.

            “What are you whining about now?” Nian said and I frowned because I hated it when he said something that made me think that he was in my head. That he was reading my thoughts.

            “I was just thinking that you needed to get off your lazy ass and help me look for him.” I said and he rolled his eyes as he leaned against one of the wall. He was frowning his arm folded across his chest. This look of pain on his face. Of course he was in pain this wasn’t his side of the brain. It was different for other Ian’s. Nian was in control of the left side of the brain. If everything  ran like it was meant to he would never enter this side. And the other Ian…I bit my lip as I tried to remember his name. It was hard to remember the other Ian’s. Even when I was locked away in the red room there were so many things to learn and yet six years wasn’t nearly enough to learn everything. I didn’t know what the ruler of the right side of brain name was and it pissed me off a bit.

            I shook my head clear getting back to my original thought. Nian felt pain on this side because he was never meant to enter this side and if the leader of the right side of the brain entered the left side. If he crossed over to Nian’s side he would be in pain as well. I could tell that Nian wanted to get this over with. He wanted nothing to do with over here and he wanted to go back to his place as soon as he could.

            I would be lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy it a bit. I wanted to see him suffer for a bit. Even if I had to play nice with him didn’t mean that I had to like him. Didn’t mean that I had to be all friendly with him. The gods know that he wasn’t doing any of those things with me. He was ruling over me as if he had the right to. I didn’t belong on his side so in truth he had no power over me. I didn’t belong on this side either. True-Ian was cruel to me. He made me the outcast no matter what side I went to. No matter what side I found myself on.

            “What have you been doing all this time?” Nian hissed at me.

            “What do you think I have been doing? Really do you think I’ve been playing with myself this whole time? I’ve been looking for a way to get Dian. And short of opening the door I don’t see any.”

            “Then find one.”

            “I have an idea. Go fuck yourself Nian.” I said and started to walk away.

            “Really how mature of you Evian. No really go on.” He said and I frowned.

            “You think you can tell me what to do. You think that just because True-Ian thought you were special that we all need to bow to you. I refuse to.” I said looking him down. He thought he was so cool standing there not reacting to me. God I hate him. He pisses me off.

            “You’re such a loser.” He said and I lost my cool grabbing his shirt and slamming him in the wall. He just laughed at me. I hated him so much. He would just laugh at me. Who did he think he was? Why did he think he was so special? “You’re as useless as Dain.” He said and pushed me away from him with a laugh. “You need to look for Dian like I said.”

            “Kiss my ass.” I told him and started to walk away.

            “You need me Evian. Don’t get on my bad side.” He called after me but I didn’t turn around to go back to him. I wasn’t going to feed into any of this. I wasn’t going to feed into Nian. I had better things to do. Beside if he was here then no one had the body. If no one had the body then it was mines for the taken. I started to make my way out. Started to make my way but to the other side of the brain so that I could take the body.

            That’s when I heard someone scream. It was something high pitched and inhuman and it echoed through the mind. I saw Nian running towards me and he frowned and I frowned because what the hell was in here that could make that sound. His guess would be better than mines.

            “Do we really want to know?” I asked and he frowned at my answered and started to walk towards the black door. Of course towards the black door because were else would the bad things be coming from.

            “The mind is breaking we need to fix this. Now isn’t the time to chicken out on me.” Nian said and he walked on. I frowned because I was a lot of things but I wasn’t a chicken. I fell in step behind him walking through the halls towards the door with him. I didn’t know what we were going to find. I’d be lying if I said my heart wasn’t racing just a bit. I didn’t know what it could have been. I licked my lips as we got closer. What was it going to be? Ducky maybe. He was showing his face more then not around here.

            Then we reached the door and it wasn’t Ducky that we saw. Lying in front of the door in was the man of the hour. We found Dian.

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