(DARK) 22

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  So Vice was still alive. King should have guessed that he would have been smart enough to keep himself safe from Vigil’s rage. King sat outside of the black room on the floor legs crossed. King didn’t want to go inside. King didn’t want to hear the judgmental voice of the room. King didn’t want it to tell King what to do. King knew. Shiki was bad news. Now that Vice is free to it just going to make things that much harder. So the question was who let Vice out? Why now has he decided to show his face again? Vice had a plan. He wasn’t the type to show himself unless he had a plan.

            King closed his eyes but too many images were flashes in King’s mind. The events that took place six years ago were flashing in King’s mind. That classroom kept surfacing inside of King’s mind. Back then Ian had been breaking for months. We were on the brink back then much like we are now. King lost his purpose that time. All that was true in the world all that was right was gone. All King knew was blood. All King wanted was the death of everyone that wasn’t King.

            So many Ian’s joined in. Changing Ian’s so rapidly it felt as if all Ian’s were in control of the body at once. So much blood was everywhere. To this day King can still remember there cries for help. King can remember them begging for mercy. But what is mercy. What did King know of mercy? Why should King give what he has never received?

            Though that memory is haunting there was another at the tip of King’s mind. It wasn’t King’s memory. It wasn’t any Ian’s memory. It was the body memory. It was True-Ian’s memory. So young he was as he sat crying covered in blood. No older than one and he had saw something that changed him forever.

            King can’t make out the face of the man or woman that laying no more than a foot away but King can see boots. Walking over to King or in this case Ian and picking Ian up from the blood. Muttered voices speak in hushed voices. Someone was crying. King felt a great sadness with the memory. Not for Ian but for the person on the floor. It felt as if King or rather Ian had lost someone that meant so much to him.

            King was sure that it was key to knowing. For more than ten years now King has tried to learn what happened to Ian. King tried to understand why he became so broken. But one after another King had only run into dead ends. And yet now it seems as if the body was giving King his answer. Maybe the body wants to know the truth before its final showdown. Knowing the past was the key to ruling the body. So King would be sure that he was the first Ian to learn why Ian is so broken inside. The first to know why Ian needed us. Yes Yoru but Vigil and King were around long before Yoru so what was the breaking point? King was going to find out.

            “King.” A voice said and I looked up to see Loki standing in front of me. King pulled himself from King’s thoughts when King noticed it was Loki. It was always best to be fully aware when Loki was around. Loki liked to show you his right hand as he stabbed you with his left. King wouldn’t fall victim to him. “Thought I’d give you the heads up that Vice is out.” Loki said and started to walk away.       

            “What are you planning?” King asked him rising from the floor and to King’s feet.

            “What makes you think I’m planning anything?” Loki countered.

            “Don’t play games with King. Do you think King is stupid? King knows you and Hades has been trying to play King since day one. King doesn’t care. If you ever feel brave enough then come Loki King will end you and your little dog to.” King hissed out and Loki just stood there smiling. Of course he was smiling. This was nothing but a game to him. Maybe nothing more than a game to Hades as well.

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