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  Free at last, free at last thank god almighty I’m free at last. I felt myself gain full control of the body and they already had me in a car and ready to go. And where shall I go. To go see that sweet piece of ass that they been hanging around of course. Mischa Young was going to be mines really soon and unlike the others I don’t mind sharing. I want nothing from her but her tight little body.

            I smiled because this will be so sweet a nice plan of revenge against Vigil. I shall have his woman even before he has. And one final fuck you to Krad for abandoning me in our time of need. And if I happened to step on any more toes of any of the other Ian’s well that was just an added bonus. I pulled out of the drive way and started towards the house with my prize in it. I needed no help getting to her house. After all whatever they know I know.

            The house was still when I let myself in. I hope my little playmate didn’t run off somewhere. I wondered through the house until I came to the kitchen where I saw her. The kitchen was where I found Mischa. She was just as pretty as I thought as she stood at the sink washing out a plate. I walked up behind her wrapping my arms around her whist pulling her into my body. I kissed the side of her neck tracing patterns with my tongue as I freed one of my hands to rub it up between her thighs.

            “Vigil.” She said softly turning around and looking me in the eye. She frowned when she saw I wasn’t her Vigil.

            “So sorry but if you leave your name, number, and message Vigil should get back to you shortly.” I mocked her and he pushed me away from her.

            “What Ian are you?” She asked me and I smiled.

            “I’m only the best Ian sweetheart. I have many names but Vice is the only one I answer to.”

            “Keep your hands to yourself then Vice.” Mischa said and I laughed at her.

            “And if I don’t.” I said grabbing the front of her shirt and pulling her towards me. The frown on her face was priceless as if she thought that I wasn’t supposed to touch her or something. If she thought that I was going to play by their rules and she was a bigger idiot then I thought. “Come on baby this will be good for the both of us.” I said and she raised her hand and slapped me.

            The shock of being slapped was more painful than the slap itself. And she started to walk away as if this was over. As if I was going to let some bitch get away with hitting me. I walked over behind her and grabbed her arm slamming her into the wall. I grabbed both of her wrists in one of my hands and pinned them above her head.

            “Get off of me.” She hissed at me.

            “Don’t test me sweetheart. Now you can enjoy this or you can cry. Either way works for me.” I said as I pressed myself to her. I smiled as I ran my free hand up her skirt touching the cloth of her panties.

            “Don’t touch her.” A forceful voice yelled in my head. I smiled because it had been so long since I heard that voice. Since I heard that demanding tone in that voice.

            “I’m not going to touch her Vigil.” I teased him. “I’m going to fuck the shit out her. How lame are you sixteen and haven’t even used your dick yet.”

            “I swear to everything holy if you touch my evil angel I will kill you Vice. Then I will burden the pain your death brings alone.”

            “So serious my master, my king, my Night-Ian.”

            “I don’t clam you and I never have.”  I just laughed at that because only Vigil could get so touching.

            “It’s just sex. You can love her once I’m done.”

            “Test me Vice and your freedom will be short lived. It’s not a threat it’s only the promise I’m making you.” My eyes went over to Mischa she was standing there with a smirk on her face as if she knew that Vigil had saved her. I wanted to wipe that smile off her face. My hand tightened on her wrist and I knew that it was enough force to bring pain but she didn’t even flinch. I could chance it. Fuck little Mischa anyway but I was free six years ago. I know that Vigil has the power to kill Ian’s. I know that he has the abandonment to take us all out.

            “Look like your boyfriend saved you.” I said and pressed my lips to hers stealing away a kiss from her before I released her and walked away. How boring was this? I just wanted to have a little fun with a girl and big brother had to come along and shut me down. Vigil always has been a cock blocker. There is one is every family. I got back in my car because there was no need sticking around here. Just as I was about to find me something new to do I was pulled from the body and back into the mind.

            “Who let you out?” a voice said and I looked up to see Khoas in front of me.

            “Long time no see Khoas.” I said and he twisted his fox mask off his face.

            “No one uses my true name anymore Vice.” He hissed out Vice as if it was something dirty to say. I chuckled a bit. Since when did all of us become so bitter? What happened to the good old days that we had fun?

            “Who let you out?” he hissed again and I shrugged.

            “Could have been anyone really, all I know is that my door wasn’t locked and I wasn’t waiting.” I looked around making a show that I was looking for something and the frown on Khoas’s face deepened.

            “What are you looking for?”

            “You’re lap dog I don’t see him anywhere.” I said and Khoas let out a growl. “Tsk, tsk.” I teased him and he smiled and walked away from me.

            “I’m happy your out Vice.” He called behind himself. “Things should get interesting from here on out.”

            “You better believe it will.” I said with a smile on my face. I will make sure of that.

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