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  Where were you when the end came? It seems to be the question floating around the mind right now. Where were you when True-Ian left? I was where I am now back then. In my safe place in my straight jacket wondering what the fuck was going on. Making my plans and about to make my move. I can’t remember if I cried or not. But then I don’t remember much about True-Ian period. He made me and put the jacket on me. And put the Hannibal mask on me. And he told me words that I will never forget.

            “They will need you soon. Your purpose is a painful one and I’m sorry. But I have to keep balance. For this to work there has to be order. I’ve made an Ian to hold true to our sanity. You’re the only that has to bottle up our insanity. It is what you are for. Hate me for it Hades. Hate me for putting such a weight on your shoulders.” Those were the first and only words True-Ian ever utter to me then he kissed the top of my head and closed the door behind himself.

            For two years I was in my padded cell wasting away until the door opened at last and Loki came in it. He undid my mask and my straps and he freed me. I owed Loki my life.  If I stayed in that room when Nian came for blood he would have slaughtered me. The other Ian’s look up to Nian or King but not me. Neither of them has ever done anything for me. Loki was the only master I knew. Even if I felt True-Ian kindness for a moment I hated him just as he asked me too.

            “Hey.” A voice said and I looked up to see Loki come in my room. He walked over sitting down beside me.

            “You look like hell. Hell looks like you.” I spoke and he rolled his eyes.

            “Stop talking like that it’s annoying.” Loki said as he undid my straps freeing my arms. Since Dian and Evian attacked me when Nian was freed when they all were freed I have been in my room. In my safe place. I through a fit that I didn’t kill them and King told me to go away. He told Loki to train me better. Train me as if I was an animal. Then again maybe I was one.

            “I thought you wanted me to be crazy.” I mocked him.

            “You are crazy. But do that around King. I already know you don’t talk like that.” He said and my eyes slid over to him and I smiled showing off the teeth that I had filed down so that they all were pointed.

            “You look like shit.” I laughed at him.

            “The bitch hit me with a bottle. Knocked me out the body most likely knocked the body out too. But I had a little fun with Nakita. So how is the plan coming along?”

            “I don’t know.” I said and stood up.

            “Hades you have to obey me you know. It’s our game. You vowed to play with me remember.” Loki said and I looked at my hand looking at the blades that I wore at the end of my fingertips clicking them together as I smiled. “Fuck I’m so bored King has Ducky doing something fun you know. He took him to secret place.” I was still clicking my blades only half listening to Loki. I smelled blood and well blood made me a bit crazy. I licked my lips and Loki sighed. “Just remember to be annoying if you see any of the others. I’m going bed my head hurts.” He said turning his mask around so that it hid his face and lying out.

            Loki was always in my safe room. I don’t think I ever saw his though. I don’t think he ever goes to his room. He was chaos and I was insanity and yet they were foolish enough to leave us together. If King was half the man he thought he was he would know better than to leave the two of us alone. Because to be honestly there is no game we find more fun than toppling a king.

            I walked the halls of the right side making my way to the body so that I could have my fun as well. I was half way to the body when I saw Dian. Dian I owed him pain for what he did to me. His back was to me just as mines had been to him when he held his dagger to my neck. I rushed up behind him grabbing the back of his neck and slamming his face into the wall.

            “How long do you think it will take before I make you cry like the little bitch we all know you still are? Still a bitch you are.” I hissed into his ear.

            “Hades you son of a…” he tried to get out.

            “Tsk, tsk Dian.” I said cutting off his words and putting one of my blades to his lip. “Do you kiss Nian with that mouth?”

            “Fuck you.” he said so I pulled him back and slammed him into the wall again. I could smell the blood from where I broke his nose.

            “We won’t be using that tone. Using that tone we won’t.” I said and he struggled to free himself but he couldn’t. Power in this body depended on how much you have bottled out. It depended on what gave you strengthen. Insanity was not lacking in here so I was I was strong. Balance on the other hand was on the rocks. I was stronger than Dian because the one thing that never changed was the fact that Ian was crazy. However he wasn’t always balance.

            “I will kill you.” He yelled.

            “You will cry to Nian. Cry to Nian you will.” I said and ran one of my blades down his check opening up a cut on his face. “It’s it funny how real he made us?” I said. “To make us reach feel pain. To make us each bleed when we were hurt. Ian was so powerful. Ian was a god. Do you hate him Dian? Hate him do you?” I asked and he struggled again. “Question of the day. What the fuck has Ian done for you lately?”

            “He made me.” Dian said. “Why isn’t that enough? With Ian I was nothing. He gave me life. He gave me purpose even if I forgot it for a while. Ian was kind and loving. He never thought I was weak and he never yelled at me. He only said kind words to me. I’m not like you, you twisted little freak. I could never hate the one person who is the reason for my being.”

            “Twisted freak am I. I am a twisted freak.” I said and leaned my head back before I brought it down and bit into Dian’s neck. He screamed out as I shook my head take a hunk out of him. I released him as he grabbed his wound and slid down to the floor. “Lucky for you it will heal if you make it to your safe room. Make to your safe room if you’re lucky.” I told him as I chewed and swallowed the bit of Dian I had in my mouth.

             His blood covered my mouth so I stuck my tongue out and licked away the blood. He stood up again this look in his eyes. It was a mixture of fear and defiance that he held there. The old Dian was afraid of me. The new Dian wanted to rip me apart. I laughed at him. Throwing my head back and laughing. Then I turned and walked away. I had better things to do then play with Dian. I would much rather play with Evian. After all it’s no fun if you know the person is going to cry to begin with. I whistled as I walked. It was a nice tone. It was the song of Ian after all.

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