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  “We need to talk.” Dian said and I frowned at the tone of voice he was using. He wasn’t asking if we could talk. He was telling me that we needed to talk. It was so rare to see him taking control like that. I haven’t seen this side of Dian since the body was still young. Since True-Ian first told him his purpose.

            “Hurry the body is empty right now and I don’t want Krad to gain control.” I answered as I kept walking down the hall.

            “Some unknown Ian had the body.” He was blunt when he said it. I paused in my steps and looked over at him. “After I released it this Ian took over briefly.”

            “Loki was supposed to get the body after you.” I said and he nodded.

            “But Loki didn’t get his turn. This Ian took it instead. I only know because he threw off the balance. Some big shit is going down Nian. I have no idea who this Ian is.” Dian said. Another one of us hiding somewhere in the mind. Who side did he belong to? Mine or Krad? Doing the take down six years ago there was a few Ian’s uncounted for. I just thought they left. I thought that it was no big deal that I didn’t have to go after them. Then again I thought the same about Krad and look at what that got me. Locked away in the red room for seven months.

            “Get Evian search everywhere. Find this Ian.” I told him and Dian went to move then paused.

            “What if he’s on King’s side?” Dian asked.

            “Kill him and if you can’t Evian will.” I answered and he just looked at me for a moment. I don’t know what he was thinking. I couldn’t read Dian as well as I once could. That was a good thing that he wasn’t that annoying weak little bitch that he once was. At the same time I always liked the fact that I knew what he was planning even before he knew. That he was so easy to read that there were no surprises. Nowadays I had no idea what he was thinking. I didn’t know what he was planning until it blew up in my face. I hated that the must. I hate it when shit blows up in my face.

            A new Ian in the body was something blowing up in my face. No, not new there hasn’t been a new Ian made in eight years. After Ian abandoned us there has only ever been we parts controlling, fighting for control, or doing our best to stay in the body but more importantly to keep Ian alive and free. Freedom what a damning thing it can be at times.

            I turned around walking back the way that I had come from. I couldn’t control the body until I had an answer to my question. Who was this Ian that Dian spoke of? It would eat at me until I knew the answer. I went to the red room and stood in the darkness of it.

            “You already know what I want.” I said and I heard the darkness laughter in my mind. “You already know the answers that I seek.” I said and still it laughed at me. “ANSWER ME!” I yelled and all was silence if only for a moment.

            “You seek so many. You ask for so much.” Its voice whispered in my mind. “Tell me this. Answer me that. You want the world. We get so little.”

            “I fed u didn’t I? For eight years now it has been the blood I gathered that feeds your hunger. It has been the sweat off my back that keeps you satisfied.”

            “Now it’s not enough. We gave you what you wanted. We made you master of the left brain.”

            “Ian made me master.” I corrected it and the voice laughed. The darkness of the red door laughed at me as if the thought of Ian making me master was some kind of a joke.

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