FIX ME SANE (Sneak Peek)

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Hello everyone

First and for most thanks for reading Mark me Crazy I hope you enjoyed it.

Next I have noticed that not many know about the Second book Fix me Sane.

So here is a taste




    How boring it has been. Over the course of the seven months that the black door opened. Since King or Dark-Ian locked away Nian and his band of misfits life had been lame. King has the body all day for five of the seven days of the week. Ducky or Baby-Ian is allowed to have the body in the morning on Saturday. Hades or Asylum-Ian gets to have the body on Saturday nights. Then there is me, I, the most awesome Ian of all Prank-Ian or as I have been named Loki. I get to have my fun on Sunday all day long.

            But Sunday is lame and this house is lame and this family is lame. Since the deaths of Kennedy and Seamus they all walk on egg shells around me around Ian. I don’t blame them. How could I if I was them I would fear us too. But that was more King’s thing. Fear was what King wanted. What do I want? What did Loki want out of this life? Out of this body. Well that was easy. I just wanted to have fun.


  The older Ian’s were no fun. They yelled at me when I didn’t do what they wanted. They fuss because it wasn’t as fun as they thought it was going to be. Loki keeps playing tricks on me and Hades won’t speak to me at all. Seven long months had pass and only Dian spoke to me through the door of his cell. He was the only one on that side that spoke anymore. Nian was sleep from the drug he was given and Evian went silence months ago.

            I get to come out and play in the morning of one day but other than that my job is to guard Dian’s door. Loki has to guard Evian’s door. And Hades was placed outside of the red door. I was happy that I wasn’t Hades. When you stand too close to the red door it attacks you. But King told us that we all get something. That if I be good and do as he say I could have anything I wanted. I knew what that was. I wanted Mommy.


                King was the ruler of the mind now. The ruler King was. But I had plans as well. Plans I had. Loki has plans and Ducky had plans. Plans they have. Maybe even Dian, and Evian, the gods know that Nian had plans. Plans of the gods Nian had. If he was woke yet. But he’s not awake yet. No I guard his door. This door of his I guard. I knew that he was still sleep. Still sleeping he was. And yet I knew that it was coming. It was coming something was coming, coming it was.  The red room was quacking. Quack, quack. The red door was pulsing. Beat, beat.  Its god was waking. Wake the god. I told King. I told him what was happening. Happening it was and telling I did. Seven months he was lucky that we got that much time. Lucky little king.

            Time yes time because isn’t that what we all wanted. Wanted all time. Time in the body. The body of time. Time to roam the mind. The mind of time. Time to set our own plans in motion. The plan of time. I had plans. Plans I had. Yet so little time is given. Given so little time. To walk free in the body. Freely walk the body. King said to dangerous. Dangerous King said. Family is too scared. Scared little family. Fear is all. All is fear. So what did I want? I want what everyone wants. Time.


               Enter Dian the master of his mind. The king of his world. The only soul in this shit hole. I speak to only Ducky. I know only me. In the darkness there is nothing. In the night there is pain. Pain. Fuck pain. Fuck me. Kill me. I beg for death and yet I live. What is the point of life? What’s the deal with death? Locked like an animal I will be an animal. Come to me Ian’s of the mind. I will the baddest beast of all.

            Seven months the little shit Baby tells me. Seven months of nothing but darkness. Left alone with my own thoughts. So dangerous a thing to do. So dangerous to leave a man with his own thoughts. What did they think I would do? Break? I was broken. Heal? What did I know about healing? What did any Ian know about healing? But I have learned so many things in my madness and sanity. I have learned what I want in this life. I have learned what I will get. Respect because I wasn’t the same bitch that I use to be.


          Freedom is all when you are locked away. So many people forget that being free is a gift not a privilege. We take for granted the things that we have. Where were they? Nian where was he? Every time I ask that little shit Loki he laughs at me. He plays his games with me. Pounding on the door. Trying to drive me mad. I was mad. I was pissed. I had tasted freedom for so short a time. I had it in my hands and I let it go.

            Seven whole months I was in this hell. So bright. So pure. They only did this shit because they knew I couldn’t take it. But I would get out again. Seven months were nothing. I did six years in the red room. This was a nap to me. I would get out. I always get out. And what did I want. Ha that was easy. Anyone who knew me should know what the one thing I seek is.  I wanted my revenge.


         As stated before it is good to be King. King rules this body. King runs this show. Little Nian locked in his red room. Little Dian locked in the dark. And the other one as well. Locked away out of sight out of mind. Seven months King has controlled the body. Seven months King has played good son in the morning and King plays killer at night. They live in fear of King. All fear the King. As they should.

            But Nian was waking or so Hades tells King. The door is angry that its god is hurt. God if Nian is God then King is God. If Nian is master then King is master. Nian can’t be better than King. King will be better than Nian. King wanted him to wake though. It would be so much fun. King wanted Nian to wake again. King wanted Nian to come out and play. What King really wanted. What King really, really wanted more than anything else. That was simple enough for King to answer. It has been the answer since the dawn of King. King wanted war.


       A sharp pain ran through me. My fingers flexed. My mind raced. My body ached. How long? I wondered with the voices whispering in my head. How long had I been in here? My lips twisted into a smile. Then my eyes opened. In the darkness of the room I sat on my throne. I knew only one truth in my mind. I knew what King wanted because I wanted it as well. He wanted to play. So then to war.


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