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          I’m not sure if I’ve ever felt this kind of pain before. Sliding down to the floor I pressed my hand to the wound in my stomach. I could feel the warmth of my blood spreading through my fingers. Life had no meaning, I knew that at last. I had failed Ian because there was never a reason for me to succeed. There was something that I needed though. Something that I had longed for. I wanted to see him, Ian, once more I wanted to look upon his face. To hear my master, father, my world voice just once more when before I died.

          A tear slipped from the corner of my eye. Not because of the pain, not even before my time in this body has now could to a sudden and violent end. I cry now because with my death the balance is gone. The madness had enclosed on me. Foolish, weak little me. I took a hissing breath when I tried to move and pain stabbed through my being. I was devoured by the madness that Hades left before. Because of that here I lie. Will I be remembered when I go. How many Ian’s have come and gone before me. NO! I needed to stop thinking like that. I am not Ian. I have never been Ian. I am Jude. For what little that means I have always been Jude.

         Falling over to my side I could see my blood pooling out of me onto the floor. Where was Vigil? I wondered as my breathing became labored. He was going to be alone now. On his side he wasn’t going to have anyone. I could hear the footsteps coming down the hall. Was it Shiki coming to finishing me off. I had asked for this death though. Coming to him for a fight. Wrapped in the madness I didn’t know what I was doing. I wanted to stop him. I heard his whispering plans. Vigil can’t die. Of all of us he is the most like Ian. Of all of us he is the one that needs to live. He died of ruling this body. I dreamed of freeing myself from it. In death I will get the freedom I sought.

        Attacking Shiki was a mistake. He took the sword I had brought to use against him and plunged it into my stomach. He even walked away before he saw if I was dead or not. He didn’t care about me. Of all of us left I was the least threatening one. Of all of us left I was the only weak one. Loki embraced the madness, Vice seem to be the same as he was maybe Vice was just never sane to begin with. King was calm and controlled even if he was gone mad he would never admit it. Then there was Vigil, my poor Vigil he was losing himself again. Losing what made him the leader that the left side followed. I wanted nothing more then to help him. To save him from himself. To stop the madness that he had six years ago.

       The footsteps were drawing closer now. Maybe it was Vigil coming to say his goodbyes to me. Maybe it was Loki coming to laugh at how bad I failed. He told me I was foolish. Told that Shiki was going to slaughter me when I voiced that I was going to stop him. Loki agreed that he needed to be killed but he wouldn’t come with me. What is the point in knowing when someone needs to die and yet doing nothing to bring about that death. Madness I tell you, it has a way of worming inside of your mind. It has a way of maybe even the most ludicrous ideas sounds well formed and planed out. My madness has brought about my end.

      “Bright as night, dark as day, all the Ian’s come out to play.” With my last breath I started to sing the song of Ian. “Stand around, touch the ground, Evil Ian will burn it down.”

           “Real of fake, for our sake, True Ian going to show up late.” another softer voice joined me. I haven’t heard that voice since True Ian left us, trying to move I couldn’t sit u again. I had lost to much blood. I had become to weak to even see who was singing with me. “Jude.” the soft female voice yelled and then I saw her. Lady Ian was on her needs in front of me. Touching the side of my face with that soft motherly look. “What have they done to you?”

          “Belle.” I whispered reaching my blood stained hand out to touch her face. I thought she was dead. I thought she killed herself when Ian abandoned us. She held my hand to her face and smiled. “Moku help him.” she said and my eyes shifted so that I could see Healer Ian. Another Ian that has been missing for years now. Moku came beside me laying his hand on my wound.

       “I don’t think I can save him.” He said and I looked at Belle again.

        “Where is he?” I asked her added the harshness to my voice, adding the since of panic to my words. This was my end but if they were here maybe, just maybe.“Please,” a tear slipped from my eyes. “where is he?”

        “Never far.”I heard his voice. My father, my master, my Ian. My eyes looked around in a panic looking for who said those words and there he was. He looked more like the body then any of us. Even if we all were Ian we all had something about us. Something just a bit off that made us not look just as the body looked. This Ian, True Ian looked just as he was meant to. Walking over he fell on his knees beside me. Combing his fingers through my hand I wanted to smile at him but all I could do was cry. He came back, in our darkness hour, on our day of damnation. He returned to us.

        “Jude.” He whispered my hand and with shaky hands I reached out to him. I gasped when I felt him. He was reach this time. He was in my reach once again. I wanted to say so many things to him. My words all left me now though. They all faded and crumbled away from me now that I needed them. “How I missed you Jude.” Ian said with a smile on his face.

       “Shiki.”I needed to warm him. I had to tell him about Shiki so that he could do something. So that he could fix what was done.

       “I will take care of Asmodus.” He promised. Looking around I could see the hurt and disappointment on Ian’s face. The state of the body and the mind was shameful. We were on King’s side of the mind it was in a sorry state since six years ago. “Take him to his room.” Ian said and Moku picked me up from the floor. If I was going to die I would have rather it be in my room. I would have rather it been around my things. I saw him again though. Ian I could die knowing that I was right all this time. That Vigil was just bitter and mean. I was the one that was right.  He came back for us. Just as I always knew he would he came back for all of us.

     The walk towards my room was long and I was fading. A darkness was at the edge of my vision pulling me towards it. I could feel Belle hand in mine as they walked. I could feel Moku arms holding me. I felt light, as if the madness had been pulled from my body. I felt free as if all of my cares and worries had been taken from me. Laying me down in my room I looked from Belle to Moku. From Healer Ian to Lady Ian. I gave them each a smile and Belle smiled back at me.

        “You’re going to be fine Jude.” she whispered to me leading down and kissing my forehead. I just nodded and the darkness pulled me away.


         The room around me spoke in ticks. I could hear them in my mind tick, tick, tick. In honor of Hades I wore his blades at the end of my finger tips. Rubbing them together they made that sweet sound of sharpening blades. Banish to this room I had nothing to do. Did King think I was going to stay put like a good little idiot. I would be a fool to stay in my place. Not when outside there was so much fun to be had.

          Rising to my feet I could hear the ticking of the room again. Whining to me, begging me to stay to clear my thoughts. My thoughts were clear maybe the clearest they have ever been. The clearest they will ever be again. I knew what needed to be do and not even King was going to stop me. Walking over to the door my room knew better then to lock me inside of it.

         There was still the over flow of madness in the hall. I walked and as I walked I saw Jude standing and waiting. He looked as he would always look. A scared little fool that was in over his head. Moving my fox mask to cover my face I wanted nothing to do with Jude at this moment. His weakness was going going to get in my way. I didn’t have the time to deal with weak people.

         “Loki.” Jude called me and I ignored him as I kept walking. He did not belong on this side of the brain. If Vigil knew his beloved Jude was in danger he would come running to save him. If King knew Jude was trespassing he would come to destroy him. I only choice to ignore him. There was bigger threats out there. There was bigger game to kill. “I’m going to kill Shiki.” His words made me stop for one moment. The ticking inside of my head hushed for just a moment. Moving my fingers quickly they produced the sound that I enjoyed. Reaching out I grabbed Jude’s face letting the blade on my index finger come dangerously close to his eye.

          “You are weak.”I hissed at him. If Shiki could even kill Hades how did someone like Jude think he stood a chance against him. No I won’t blame Shiki for Hades death. He was only the tool used in Hades murder. Vice was the one that I wanted. Vice was the one that set everything in motion. Since he came into this mind from his imprisonment Ian’s has been dying. Vice is what is bad and tainted. I shall purge of of his will. Looking at Jude again I removed my hand. He wanted to do something that meant something. He wanted to have a purpose. I could understand what that was like. To be alone and lost within this madness. It was foolish for him to go after Shiki. Who was I to stop him though.

           “Get him when his guard is down.” I told Jude and started to walk away again.

           “Why when his guard is down?”Jude yelled behind me so I turned around. I looked at him knowing that this was probably be the last time I’ll ever see him. I wonder what effects it would have on the body when Jude died. He was the balance but we had lost balance in here months ago. Without Jude their will be nothing pure left inside of Ian. The ones of us who has live are all tainted and twisted. Jude is the last good thing that is left inside of this mind. When he dies we will be rotten to the core.  All that Ian feared he would do he will do. Without something good to hold on to what reason will we have to hold on. These thoughts were unbecoming of me. I didn’t care about what was good and what was evil inside of Ian anymore. I only cared about one thing now. I was going to find Vice. Then I was going to stop the ticking.


           I could feel him coming home. If he is out in the body then I have failed at what I was meant to do. I will not allow Ian to return. NO, this wasn’t even about Ian anymore. That weak fool ran when he was meant to rule. He was a God and he stepped down. Who does that? Who runs from power when power is everything. Isn;t that what you taught me great and wise Father. That power was everything. Wait I forgot you just wanted me to store all you bad thoughts. All of you evil little plans and then you wanted nothing else to do with me. Bitter, I just might be but I am only as you wished me to be. I can only be what you made me.

        Enough about Ian its him that I want to stay locked away forever and always. Ciar doesn’t deserve to return to the body. He has no right to come back here. I paced the floor up and down and down and up. Again and again I couldn’t make my body be still. This was because of Hades. Shiki killed Hades and now his madness was tainting even me. How cruel the shell of Ian can be to those who allow it. I wanted nothing more but to rule this body. To become it’s God. With Shiki as my tool what can stop me. Who could stop me.

       Krad might would try but who is afraid of Krad. Vigil might could do it but Vigil has enough problems to deal with. Poor little Vigil if the madness was getting to even me then he must be a mess by now. They days are numbered. Tonight is the night of reaping. How fixing it would be on this night of blood. The broken Ian was born on this day. All of the little creaks that were made over his life time. Watching his true parent die in front of his eyes, the games that Yoru like to play. The abuse of his father, the hatred of his brother and sisters. Last but maybe the straw that broke the Ian’s mind. When his drunken mother came to his room and sought comfort from his bed.

         How could one person be dealt such a hand in life. The Gods mus truly hate Ian. Can he really be blamed for begin this way though. When we go back to the cause of this madness Joe was the one that put a bullet in his parents head. Had Ian’s true parents lived maybe he would have grown up to be a normal boy. Or maybe he could have become what he is today no matter what happened to him. I could sleep it even though I wasn’t in the body. I could smell the blood in the air. There was no was that I was going to miss this show. After all it is what I have been waiting for.

          Turning to walk towards the body Khaos was standing in my way. I frowned when I saw the blades of Hades on his fingers. His fox mask pull to cover his face. Khaos didn’t lose himself to the madness he willingly gave himself over to it. Had he not sucked in most of it though I might wouldn’t even have a clear thought right now. Even still my business wasn’t with Khaos he held no threat to me. He had no power for me to take. Just a lap dog of Krad.

         “Get out of my way.”I hissed at him and he moved his fingers making a sound that reminded me of nails on a chalkboard. I frowned as I looked at him. I couldn’t make out his face because of the mask. I didn’t know if he was smiling or frowning. If this was one of his pranks or if he was serious. I knew that Khaos enjoyed the kill. Was he here to kill me then. “What do you want?”

         “To stop the ticking.” Was his answer as he came for me. Khaos was much faster then I would have thought him to be. His hand were his weapons with though blades on them. He didn’t fight like Hades though. I could feel the control and power in Hades attack. I could sense the training in them. With Khaos there was no order. He swung wildly and blind. There was nothing but sheer blood lust in his moves. I was good enough to duck and dodge most of them but each time I was a breath to slow the blade burned as they cut into my skin.

        I needed a weapon or this was going to be the fastest take down in Ian history. I needed to protect myself and if need be I needed to end Khaos. Kicking him in the stomach I made my dash to where my gun was. Noting that from this point on I needed to keep it at my side at all times. Grabbing the gun I turned around and pulled the trigger. It hit Khoas in the face shattering his mask. He let out a laugh or a cry I could tell which as he grabbed his eyes. I could see a piece of the mask stuck in the eye. He took a firm hold of it and ripped it out his eye coming with the shard. He had go mad.

        Tossing the shard and his left eye to the side he looked at me again. There is was that twisted smile was on his face as blood dipped down to the floor. I held my gun up again and took aim. Khaos was no fool though he moved just as I pulled the trigger the bullet only getting him in the arm. Then again he moved and the bullet went to his leg. Again and again I missed him until my gun was empty of all rounds and Khaos was in front of me.

       “Shiki killed Hades!” I yelled and then there was a burst of pain through my chest. Looking down I could see Khaos’s hand going through me. “Shiki....” I tried to speak as Khaos withdraw his hand. stumbling I fell against the wall blood trickle out of my mouth.

        “He’s next.” Khaos said and fell to the floor. I could see his blood and mine mix together. Then there was only darkness.


         I sat in the hall of the right side of the brain. My back leaned against the wall my sword just out of my reach. I needed rest. I needed to get a few winks of sleep before I moved forward with my plan. I knew what my purpose here in this mind was at last. All of my memories still failed to return to me but who needed those things anyway. I knew what I was here for.

       I was here so that I could destroy this body, so that I could slaughter everything living in this mind. I was here because Ian knew that one day he was going to lose control. That one of the Ian’s were going to lose it all. I’m here because I have the guts to do what none of the others can. It was going to be a big night tonight. So many epic things were going to happen tonight. King knew he was setting everything in motion as we spoke. Vigil knew he had already given over to the madness and killed Yuri.

        Killing Yuri was so sweet one final FUCK YOU to Yoru. I wish I could see it, I wish I could see the look on Yoru face when he learns of his brother death. I wonder if he felt him die when Vigil stabbed him. If like they always say twins can feel when something is wrong with the other one. A smile crept along my face as I thought about these things. These wonderful things.

       I was near sleep when I hear someone walking towards me. No, they were already here and when I opened my eyes I could see that my sword was not where I left it. I could feel the cold steal of my blade at my throat. My eyes followed the blade to the person holding it. Maybe if it was any other Ian I would have felt fear. However it was only Jude. I laughed at him as the blade shook in his hand.

         “I’m not laughing!”he yelled I could hear the madness in his voice. Poor weak Jude couldn’t fend off the madness. Standing there looking as if he was about to cry I knew what this was about. Was he sad that I had killed Hades. Maybe it was because he did nothing when I killed Tam. He could have still been thinking about Evian. I don’t know what death set him off. What one gave him the courage to come after me alone. It was funny that he thought he could do something to me...ME. This weak, pathetic fool thought that he could kill me.

     “Well I am.” I mocked him.

     I reached out grabbing the end of the sword. The blade cut into my palm but I ignored the pain of it all as I pulled the sword from Jude’s hand. The look of shock on his face was priceless as if he didn’t think that I was going to do that. Turning it around I pointed my sword at Jude. Grabbing him by the collar I slammed him into the wall.

          “Go ahead.”he said closing his eyes making a point to show me that he was not afraid to die. Maybe he thought bravery would save his life. Evian was brave when I killed him. Hades would have killed me if Vice didn’t step in the way. They all were brave but Tam, he was only a baby though what could anyone really hope to gain from him. What could anyone really think that they were going to get from him. Now it was Jude turn. Dian, Day Ian who ever he wanted to be. I stabbed my sword through his gut and he gasped with the pain.

        Looking down at his stomach there was a twisted look of sadness and pain on his face. Pulling my sword from him he reached down holding his stomach as if his hand was enough to stop the bleeding. I turned from him and walked away going up the hall and towards the body. Now it was my turn to have some fun.

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