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  I sat out front of my safe room with my sword in my lap. My eyes were closed as I listened to every sound that was made. I heard the hallow falls of footsteps walking towards me. I looked up when they stopped at last to see one of the Ian’s in front of me.

            “Before you go for your sword you should hear me out.” he said and my hand tightened on the handle of my sword but I didn’t raise it to attack me in the way that I had started to. “Name’s Vice.” I looked back down at my sword because I didn’t have time for him. “Thanks for opening the door for me.”

            “I didn’t open anything for you.” He hissed at me and I laughed.

            “You aren’t much of a talker I get that, so just listen Osiris I think we can help each other.” he said and I looked up at me again. Why would any Ian want to help me? My goal was to kill them all. My purpose was to end Ian.

            “How can you help me?” I asked I didn’t see how he could give me anything that I want.

            “Tsk, tsk Osiris me first. This is my deal after all.” he said and frowned. I didn’t like him. He was cocky and annoying. And he talked fast like an oil salesman. He has a snake tongue and I didn’t trust his poisonous words.

            “What do you want?” I asked watching him because you must always watch a snake. It’s how you can tell when they are about to attack.

            “Agree to my deal.”  He said and I felt as if I was making a deal with the devil himself. He held out his hand waiting for me to take it. I watched that hand for a long moment. If I shook it then I would have signed my soul over. But I was interested in knowing what it was that he wanted. I was interested in knowing what it was that he was giving me in return. Beside if Vice cross me I would and will kill him.

            “Fine.” I said holding out my hand and taking my. “Deal.” I smiled and pulled my hand back from mines.

            “It’s always so nice when all the pawns fall in place.” he said and I ignored the remark about calling me a pawn. “What I want from you is simple. Even easy you might say. Probably something that you were going to do in the first place.” I held my tongue as I waited for him to get on with it and spit it out what he wanted from me already. “I want you to kill Vigil and Krad.” he said and I frowned my face.

            He was right killing King was something that I had already planned to do. I have my reasons for wanting King gone. The pit being reason number one on a long list. And Vigil well it just seems fair that if Krad died he should as well. But what was Vice reasons for wanting them dead. Or maybe just like every Ian Vice wanted the body for himself and everyone knows that in order to do that you have to get through Vigil and Krad.  

            “And what do I get?” I asked and he smiled as if he thought that I was going to forget that I was supposed to get something out of this deal.

            “Well you think your purpose is killing off the Ian’s right.” Vice said and stood up so that we were eye to eye.

            “I’m very tempted to kill one now.” I hissed at me but that didn’t stop him from smiling in my face.

            “You only kill the Ian’s that are losing themselves. I know who I am Osiris. I know what I am. My purpose is to bottle the corruption in this body and I do so enjoy holding all of that fun inside of me.”

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