(NIGHT) 21

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  I walked in the red room and frowned when I saw Vice sitting in my chair. He had a lot of nerves to place himself upon my throne. He had balls to show himself in here in the first place. He sat there legs cross leading back in my seat with this smug little look on his face. My lip pulled back over my teeth in a sneer as I let a low threatening growl vibrate through my chest.

            “There.” He yelled pointing at me leading forward so that he could be on the tip of the seat now. “Now there is the Vigil we all know and love. This good boy act was getting boring.” He said and walked down the stairs to me and stopped only inches in front of my face. “What shall I do then my king?” he mocked me.

            “You’re not mines.” I said and he smiled.

            “Tsk, tsk Vigil denying your own subject is just hurtful. Beside I have been your since Ducky have been Krad’s. Would you rather I go back to my true king that would mean you taking back Ducky? You know we both can’t be on the same side. Beside I think the heart is the best place for corruption.” He said.

            “Who let you out?” I asked. “All these years you’ve been hiding from me Vice. Why now? Why have you come back now?”

            “Can’t you feel it!” Vice yelled laughed as he walked around me. “Osiris is free. Evian is dead. Everything is falling to hell.” He said and giggled. “This is the perfect time don’t you think. Picture it with me. Vigil you and Krad go to battle the Ian’s on both sides are killing one another. Osiris is just killing shit. You and Krad are bloody and broken and then out of the dust our god returns.” He said and I looked at him as he was looking out into the darkness of my room. “Ian the true is the only Ian returns to us to end our senseless war. And then, and then I shove my   knife through his gut. Oh the pain. The agony he will fall to his knees. All Ian’s surround him stabbing him again and again. Then Vigil you come over.” He walked away from me looking down at the floor as if Ian was there already. “You, you take out your machete.”

            He clapped his hands as he giggled with delight. “Can you see it Vigil. The look on Ian face when his oh so special Vigil turns on him. ‘Et tu, Vigil.’ He will whisper as you give him the final blow. And then once Ian is dead what are we?” he said and I just looked at him. “Think about it Vigil.” He said and started to walk away.

            “Vice.” I called when he was nearing the door. “I will kill you long before you heard Ian’s last words.”

            “I’m sure you will kill us all. I fear you my king. Even more the death himself. Promise me only one thing. That my end will be beautiful.” He said and left. God I hate Vice just talking to him was life draining. I walked to my chair and sat in it. I could feel the darkness moving around me as it was about to speak. I held up my hand to halt it from speaking. I needed a moment to myself. Just one fucking moment in this place was that so much to ask for. I closed my eyes trying to gather my thoughts. I felt the world crumble at my feet. Shiki and Vice are bad news. And yet killing either of them is worse.

            “Vigil.” The darkness spoke its inky voice annoying me at this moment. “You need to control him Vigil.”

            “He isn’t mine!” I yelled.

            “When you allowed King to trick Ducky to coming to his side Vice became yours.”

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