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(END) 33

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  • Dedicated to everyone who has read n enjoyed FMS



The body ached as it always does when I enter it. I could feel it rejecting me as if it knew I wasn't meant to ever have control. I looked out through the eyes to see the family in front of me. I could feel the weight in my hands and I looked down to see a gun. Giving a smile I knew that this was what I was here to do. Why else would these people be put in front of me with this gun in my hand.

Guns wasn't what I like though. They were to impersonal. I would much rather have my sword. Looking down at the brat that was beside me I saw the knife that he was playing with. Reaching down I took it from him. Twisting the blade around in my hand I looked over at my Uncle. It was only fitting that he would be the one to go first. He was after all the one that set the wheels in motion.

Firing the gun the bang of it made my ear ring. Mother and Kita screamed but no scream was louder then Father's. Reaching down towards his foot blood was already soaking through the carpet. His shoe was destroy. Such a brave man Father was. I do believe this was the first time I ever saw tears in his eyes.

"Don't move." I told him and the look he gave me was a mix of pain and grief. Walking over to Joe I gave him a smile as I pointed the gun at him. He quivered at the sight of it whimpering like some kicked dog. I pointed the gun to insure that he wasn't going to move. Then I swung out at him the knife in my hand cutting through his throat. His blood sprayed into my face. I could hear him making this struggling sound but it didn't faze me as I stabbed him in the chest.

"STOP IT!" Kita yelled and I turned around. Covered in Joe's blood she tried to stand her ground against me. I pointed my gun at her and she closed her eyes turning away from it. I walked over to her slowly walking pass mother who just looked down at the floor. Then pass Father who looked at me but said and did nothing. I grabbed Nakita's hair pulling it back and placing the blade to her through. I could see the fresh tears that feel from her eyes.

"Ian no. Please Ian stop this." Mother begged me. "Take me instead." she said and I looked back at her. Looking from her to Nakita. From my sister to my mother. NO! I shouldn't call them that they were no family of mine. These people were nothing to Ian. They were murders, and kidnappers. I ran my tongue up the side of Kita's face licking away the tear that had slide down her check. I could feel her shiver in my hand.

"Tell her," I whispered and father looked at me. He wasn't the one that I was talking to. We all knew of his sins. It was our drunken mother that I wanted the confession from. I pressed the blade just under Kita collar bone and drew it down. She screamed as I cut into her flesh. "Tell her." I said.

"I....I... touched him out. I did... awful things to Ian. I....I'm an awful person." I could feel Kita shake with grief in my arms as she learned the truth about her mother. I could see the disgusted look of father face. As if what he did was any better. I frowned when I didn't feel any better having her confess. I thought that it would easy the pain of the body. If the body knew that I was here to right the wrongs that was done against it. It didn't seem to notice or maybe it just didn't care. Annoyed with the shell I stabbed the knife into Kita heart and twisted. She didn't have a chance to make a sound but her mother cried out for her.

I could see mother eyes go to Angel. She didn't have to worry about that brat. For some reason Ian liked his younger brother. For that reason alone I would not anger the body but spilling his blood. Walking over to father though I stepped down on his wounded foot. He screamed out in rage and pain. I only smiled as I took the gun that was in my hand and slapped him with it. He liked to hit people so he needed to feel how much it hurt when you set out to cause pain to others.

Again and again I slapped and beat him with the gun until my hand was sore and his face was nothing more then a bloody mess. To ensure death I stabbed him again and again in the chest. All of the rage that the body had stored I allowed it to flow over. I backed away taking a breath and looking at the last person that was in the room. Looking at the woman I stood again as she was quivering on the floor. Raising my foot I kicked her in the face and she fell over.

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