(DAY) 3

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  It takes Nian to get us out of the darkness just in time for Algebra. While the others were fighting over who gets the body I decided it was mines for the taken. It has been some time since I was in control. Some time since I even wanted to be in this body. But I’m not that me anymore. Why cry over spilled milk? Why bitch about the past? Bad shit happened. It happens to even the best of us. Why should I complain about it? Why should I worry over what can’t be changed.

            Seven months in darkness has taught me one thing. When it comes down to it all we have in this life is ourselves. I relied on Nian to much. I need to stand on my own two feet or I was going to fall flat on my face. I sat in class head down doing my work. Not because I wanted to be the good little Dian that everyone thought I was but because I knew my role. I was to be normal so that Ian could be normal. And I didn’t want to fail either.

            I was a bit pissed though. I missed the ending of my sophomore year and all of summer as well. I felt like I was going in junior year blind. King has everyone calling me King it took half the morning to get people to stop calling me that dumb ass name and go back to just calling me Ian. I was happy that I was in school though. Nian and Evian were making plans and well that was just boring to me. I didn’t want to be in the dark like I had been but planning wasn’t my strong point. Acting was. Acting is now because actions speak louder than words.

            The bell rung and I grabbed my stuff leaving the room. I was walking towards the cafeteria when someone touched my shoulder. Every action as a reaction and mines was grabbing the hand on me and slamming them into the locker my hand at their throat before I noticed that it was Malikai that had touched me.

            “Damn Ian.” He yelled and I released him.

            “Sorry.” I said but I still laughed a little because it was his own fault for not giving a warning that he was behind me.

            “I thought you were Dian again.” He said rubbing his neck after I let him go.

            “I am Dian that doesn’t mean I’m the same Dian though.”

            “So you’re different now.” He said and I could hear the sigh in his tone. Malikai wanted me to be weak like I was before. But that wasn’t going to happen. I couldn’t be that person anymore. I’m not even sure I know how to. “You’re not going to be all crazy all the time now are you?” Malikai asked me and I frowned as I looked at him. All crazy all the time. What did he think I was before it made me wonder? Was I half-crazy most of the time? Or maybe I was slightly crazy some of the times.

            “What can I say to that?” I asked as I started to walk again. I didn’t have any words for what he had said. I didn’t know what he wanted from me. No I did know what he wanted from me. He wanted me to be Dian. He wanted me to be the old Dian. The weak, submissive Dian but I just wasn’t him anymore. “This is me now.”

            “What should I call you then?” He asked not even looking at me.

            “Whatever you like.” I answered getting in line so that I could get my food. Malikai was annoying me now and the fact that he was following me didn’t help the fact.

            “Josh and Matt put you out of the band.” He said as we moved through the line.

            “It was for the best.”

            “Seriously are you sure your Dian at all.” Malikai said grabbed my shoulder and making me turned around and look at him. First I looked down at the hand touching me and then I looked at my friend.

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