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(DAY) 12

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   There was blood everywhere. I was covered in it. Bathed in it, it seems since it covered me. I don’t think I ever saw so much in my life. I don’t think I will ever see as much again. I looked at my hand and let the weapon that I held drop out of it. Then I let out a wail. It seemed to me that it was inhuman and yet it had come from me.

            “What have you done?” A voice asked me. “What have you done?!” it yelled.

            I jumped up in a cold sweat. It was only a dream. Of course it was a dream. I wasn’t Night-Ian there was no way that I would ever kill someone. There was no way that I would hurt anyone. My body was burning with fever and yet my blood ran as cold as ice. The door to my room opened and I saw Billy standing there in the doorway looking in at me.

            “What are you doing?” he asked an edge in his tone. He didn’t come any closer to me either. Here I was sick in bed and my own brother couldn’t come closer to me.

            “Nothing.” I answered.

            “Then stop screaming like some kind of freak. The next time you yell out and nothing is wrong with you I will tape your mouth shut.”

            “Go away. Why are you coming to my aid in the face first place? Where is mother?”

            “Mother had to take Angel to the doctor and I’m in charge of you until she gets back. If you don’t want to be put out on the balcony I would keep my mouth shut if I was you.” He said and shut the door again. Just last night everything was fine. Night-Ian was having a blast and now I was sick in bed. Something must have been wrong with the blood that he tasted. That’s why I’m sick right now. My body ached when I tried to move.

            I hated being sick. I hated having to lie in bed and be trapped in one place all day. I was trapped enough. During the day time is when I’m free to roam the house. When I’m free to roam the world and here I was confined to my bed with a bucket next to it just in case. I wondered if Billy would even feed me. Knowing him he would starve me until mother came back home. He was the worst person to leave in charge of me and it’s like my mother wanted him to torment me and that’s why she did it. She might as well have told Seamus that I was all his at least then it was clear what she was trying to do.

            I turned over on my side closing my eyes again and seeing the red door in front of me. Night-Ian was outside of it with his machete in his hand. He was just standing there looking at the door as if at any moment something was going to come through it. As if at any moment he would need to fight off whatever was behind it. I walked over to him and he cut his eyes over at me and then looked back at the door. I could feel it as well. I knew why Night-Ian was so worried right now. I could feel the door pulsing. I reached up and touched my chest laying my hand over my heart. I frowned when I noticed that it was keeping pace with my heart.

            “What are you doing?” I asked Night-Ian.

            “Some of its darkness always seeks out when the body is weak.” Night-Ian answered me.

            “What are we going to do?”

            “We aren’t going to do anything. I’m going to guard the door you’re going to control the body. Take some medicine and go to sleep it’s what best for all of us.” He told me never looking over at me only ever looking at the door.

            “How can anything so bad really be behind one door? It’s not even locked. What’s stopping it from ever coming out? What are you going to do if it ever gets out? You said once that you were scared of it as well. So what can you do?”

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