(DAY) 13

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  I sat in a darkened corner in my room. My knees to my chest my arms wrapped around them. I know what I promised Evian. I promised him that I would open the door. But I was afraid of the door. And Night-Ian was guarding the door. How could I trust him anyway? How could I trust either of them? I’m sure if I asked Night-Ian would just tell me that Evil-Ian was the one that killed him. That Evian was the one that killed our true self. They would just keep pointing the finger at each other. For two days. For two long hard days as I lied in bed sweating out my fever I thought about what I should do.

I had to do what was best for the body. I had to do what was best for me. If the door opens the darkness comes out. If it stays close Night-Ian keeps getting stronger and one day he locks me behind a door as well. It felt like one of those damned if you do damned if you don’t. Worst part was I couldn’t see a way around being damned.

            “Ian.” Someone said as they tapped on my door. I didn’t bother to look up. It was only my mother after all. Only the woman that hated me and yet pretended to love me. No she didn’t even pretend anymore. Maybe I should open the door. I wouldn’t miss her. If Evian killed her I wouldn’t miss any of them. But Nakita. I couldn’t allow him to kill Nakita. My phone beeped and I looked over at my desk. It was the only light in the room the glowing screen flashing. I unfolded myself and walked over to the phone to see a text.

Maliki: Meet me on the bus stop not taking no for an answer get here now! I sighed and texted him back that I was on my way. I opened my door and my mother was still standing there with a plate of food in her hand.

            “I’m going out.” I told her walking pass.

            “It’s too close to dusk.” She called back as she followed me downstairs. “You’re not even one hundred percent yet you need rest Ian.”

            “So stop me.” I dared her. “Do something mother.” I said the words but they weren’t mines. I could feel it. The heaviness fell over me. I wondered if it was Night-Ian that was taking over or if it was Evian. But he wasn’t out the door yet. I haven’t opened the door yet. But he talked to me. He talked to me when the door was closed. I felt sick. It wasn’t like when Night-Ian had controlled the body with me. I felt like I was being sucked into Night-Ian this was more like I was being repelled. As if the whole body was rejecting me.

            “I’m going to tell your father.” She said and I laughed at her only it wasn’t my laugh it was his laugh. It was the same laugh that I heard when he I talked to Evian. How strong was he I wondered?

            “Get out of my way.” I hissed at her and she stepped to the side as I walked passed her.

            “Where are you going?” Billy yelled from the couch as I walked passed him towards the first door.

            “Go fuck yourself.” I told him flipping him off as I left. I walked towards the bus stop and when I was almost there I felt the body lighten. I was just me again. I double over and hurled on the street.

            “That’s just nasty.” Malikai said and I rolled my eyes at him.

            “I was just sick remember.”

            “Anyway come on.”

            “What do you want anyway? I was home having a good time alone.” I said and he laughed.

            “Would you say that you were enjoying yourself?” he asked and punched him in the arm.

            “You have sick, sick mind you know. And the fact that I’m the one telling you this speaks volumes.”

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