(DAY) 10

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            At last the body was mines again. Night-Ian was in his corner resting and whatever that thing was that had control with us the other day was long gone now. Retreated to the deepest darkest parts of our mind. The red door was tightly shut and for the first time in weeks I felt like I might be my old self again. I felt like I might be just Day-Ian. In fact I felt so good I decided to go to school today.

            When I got to class I was given a warm welcome all of my friends surrounding me at once asking me what was wrong and why I wasn’t in school all week. Malikai pushed them all away dragging me over to our desk and sat down.

            “First you suck I needed a lab parent this week and you were a no show.” Malikai said.

            “I was going through some stuff.” I answered but then remembered that he knew all about my two sides. That he had meant Night-Ian and he didn’t judge me.

            “So now that Night-Ian is free to leave the house what about that concert.” Malikai said and I looked over at him and rolled my eyes.

            “Really that again. Seriously Malikai it’s not a good idea I can’t control what Night-Ian does what if he decides to hurt you.”

            “Don’t worry about that I trust him enough to know that there will be way better people around for him not to hurt me.” He said and laughed but I just looked at him. What’s been going on lately I didn’t even know if it was safe for Malikai to be around me right now. “I’m not taking no for an answer.” He said and pulled out four tickets to the Die Young concert.

            “You brought them already.” I yelled.

            “Yup. After I saw you out that night I thought what the hell lets go for it. And don’t worry you can pay me back for them later.” Malikai said and I sighed. There was no way in hell they were letting me out the house so that Night-Ian could be surrounded by people in a crowd with thousands of victims. “I even got you a date.” Malikai added and this just kept getting better.

            “Seriously I don’t think this is a good idea.” I told him and he waved it off as if he understand what I was going through even better than me. As if he had some insider information that guaranteed that Night-Ian would be on his best behavior.  “Who is my date?” I asked.

            “Oh I don’t know maybe it’s Tessa’s best friend and also a member of the cheerleader team Jessica.” He said and I just looked at him. I was sure that he could have gotten Tessa to go out with him she was just using him after all but I wonder how he got Jessica for me. It was no big secret between Malikai and I that I had a crush on her for a while but I never thought that I would date her. I swore a bit in my head because I wouldn’t be going on a date with her. Night-Ian would be going on a date with her.

What if he hurt her? What if he hurts Jessica? I was having second thoughts again. “You should put more faith in yourself Ian.” Malikai said and I knew he might have had a point. Lately Night-Ian has only been doing what it took to keep the door shut. Maybe that was all he ever was doing. Whatever it took so that whatever was behind that red door would remain behind the red door. I closed my eyes trying to see Night-Ian trying to get him to agree that nothing bad would happen tonight but he was still in his corner.

            “Fine.” I said when I opened my eyes again. “I’ll go. But I need to go to the store after school. There is no way in hell that my father is letting me out the front door.”

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