(DARK) 27

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  King knew that it wasn’t King in this dream. The Ian that was before King was much too young to have made King or Vigil or any other at this time. Just a babe this Ian was. King was envious of him a bit. He was so small and so happy not a care or worry in the world. This was the true Ian. This was the whole and unbroken Ian. King took just a moment to wonder what would have become of this boy had he not broken. Who would Ian Robertson be if he remained whole?

            The child, the baby Ian sat in the middle of the floor with toy around him. Laughing as he played two faceless people held each other as they dance around him. Then the woman broke away from her partner bending down and picking up Ian.

            “Leaving me for another man.” A rough voice laughed out and the woman let out a giggle of her own.

            “This is my little man and my big man. Without you both my life is incomplete.” She said holding Ian closer to her. She smelled sweet and safe and warm and Ian was happy. It was true happiness when he was with them and not the mocked happiness he put on for his family.

            Then there was a knock on the door and the faceless man left to go and answer it. Ian could have been no older than one when this was happening. There was an argument coming from the other room and Ian started to get fussy in the faceless woman arms.

            “It’s ok.” She said and put him down as she walked towards the door. Ian sat that waiting when man and the woman returned with two men. King’s heart raced when King noticed the two men. Their faces were bur in this dream memory and yet King could tell that he knew them.

            “I told you I will have your money.” The faceless man said and one of the familiar men laughed.

            “You said that last week, and the week before that, and the week before that. I’m getting really sick of this. I’m a business man and if I’m not making money than you are useless to me.”

            “You have to be reasonable. I have a wife and a son to take care of please.” The faceless man begged and the two other men shared a look.

            “Sorry Ed your time is up.” One said and pulled out a gun and shot the faceless man in the head. His blood and brains spattered everywhere as the body fell to the floor. The woman let out a scream. Baby Ian sat there looking at the falling body. Looking at the blood that pooled around it and the lifeless eyes that stared back at him.

            “Please….please…..” the woman begged as she shielded Ian from the men view. There was another loud boom and the spray of blood covered Ian as the woman fall beside him. Her blood spreading out so that he was sitting in a pool of it. Ian looked up at the two men and one pointed their gun at him.

            “Enough he’s just a baby.” The other said pushing the gun away and walking over and picking Ian up. “He a cute little thing.”

            “He’s a witness.”

            “Yeah and he’s just dying to call the cops. Come one let’s get out of here.”

            King opened King’s eyes and was sitting on King’s throne. That memory was haunting King again. But King understood now. It was why Ian had become broken. He saw two people die in front of him. He saw who? His mother and father. Then what did that make the family he lived with. Killers. Or just some family that took him in not knowing what it was that they had gotten themselves into.

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