(BLACK) 24

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  I gasped as my eyes opened and I was left in still darkness. My body shook uncontrollably as the backlash of pain filled me. What is wrong with me? I thought as I felt a hand on my head and I turned to see a shadow of a person beside me. I reached up and held the hand that was on my head.

            Images flashed through my mind as I saw what it was showing me. So many things have changed in the body. So many things have broken in the mind. The balance was crumbling and with it we all were crumbling. I gave a choking sob when shown the death of Evian. I removed the hand touching me and turned on my side.

            “What will you do?” the shadow asked me and I shrugged.

            “They don’t need me. I will only get in the way.” I answered it.

            “Shiki is wild. He doesn’t know his true reason to be. Death is not what he was made for. No Ian was made to die.”

            “No Ian was meant to live either.” I turned over on my back again and held my arm up looking at my hand as I tightened it into a fist.

            “Guide them they need you.”

            “It’s not my place.” I said and sat up at last. “I’ve forgotten my reason.” I said and heard footsteps walking over to me. I turned as I saw another shadow coming towards me.             

            “I’ve had about enough of this bullshit.” The soft voice said and arms wrapped around me as a body was pressed to my back. “Vigil and Krad has too much power. They are just silly little boys. I could teach them.”

            “Vigil and Krad controls the mind and the heart. Without them we are nothing.” I said

            “We all are doomed.” Another voice said and I looked to the corner to see another shadow. His voice was high pitched and whining. “We’re going to die anyway why not just let Shiki end us.”

            “Quite you.” The one holding me with the soft voice hissed.

            “Dude we just all need to chill.” Yet another to my right with a stoner way of speech said and they all turned to me. They all waited from me.

            “What will you have us do then?” the one holding me asked. I freed myself and stood up walking away from all of them so that I stood alone.

            “You are the soul your wish is our command.” The last shadow that stood off to the left with the deep demanding voice said as it bowed to me. I sighed as I took in a breath. What to do? Why was it up to me to choose? I only just awaken. Why I was the one who had to choose? Could Krad and Vigil really not handle this without me? Do they really need my help? I’m the one that knows. I’m the one that has to decide? I’m the one that I trusted.

            I opened my eyes again with a firm look set on my face as I decided what the next course of action taken should be. I was decided in my answer. I was sure of myself. I didn’t allow doubt to creep. I didn’t have time to doubt.

            “It’s time.” I answered and they all turned to look at the white door that stood alone in the back of the room that they were in. “We wake me.”

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